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The mayor can tell you something about the Brotherhood paladins, but first you need to kill of all the radscorpions in the warehouse first.— In-game description

Kill Warehouse Radscorpions is a quest in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel.

Quick walkthrough[]

  1. Get the key from Richard;
  2. Head to the warehouse;
  3. Kill all the radscorpions;
  4. (optional) Find Medical Supplies for Vidya/Jesse;
  5. (optional) Collect Radscorpion Tails for Armpit;
  6. Kill Giant Radscorpion;
  7. Report back to Richard.

Detailed walkthrough[]

This quest is given to the Initiate by Richard in Carbon after the completion of the quest Kill Drunken Raiders.

Richard claims to know the whereabouts of the Brotherhood of Steel Paladins and tasks the Initiate to clear the radscorpions from the Carbon warehouse before he will provide the information. As the Initiate is dependent on others to go anywhere in the game, they need to complete this task.

Richard will give them the mayor's warehouse key, which is required to open the warehouse. The Initiate then needs to enter the Carbon warehouse and systematically kill all radscorpions in its various sections. Along the way they can find medical supplies needed by the town doctor Vidya, and radscorpions will drop scorpion tails that are needed by Armpit for a special brew he is concocting.

After clearing the Warehouse Main Storage (25 radscorpions) and the Warehouse Auxiliary Storage (23 radscorpions), the Initiate needs to go to the second floor of the warehouse, kill nine more radscorpion, use a crane to move a crate, return back downstairs, and then may enter the Warehouse Basement. Upon arriving there, they will encounter a giant radscorpion, unlocking the quest to kill it.

Kill Giant Radscorpion[]

You're supposed to kill all of the radscorpions in this warehouse... that included this motherfucker! HINT: It can shield itself from bullets by using its claws, but you can destroy the claws by using melee attacks.— In-game description

This creature might look daunting, but can be easily killed with a mixture of melee attacks, dodging, and gunplay. First, its claws, which it uses like shields, need to be destroyed by attacking them with a melee weapon. It is then vulnerable to gunfire. Note that it still has its stinger for attacks, which needs to be dodged. Once the giant radscorpion is defeated, the warehouse will be clear, and the Initiate will be prompted to return to Carbon.


The Initiate will receive 200 Experience Points on completion of the main quest section, plus 300 XP for defeating the giant radscorpion.