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[...]then you know how ruthless and bloodthirsty they can be. The Blades are the worst of them all, I'm afraid. We're a humble, god fearing town that is only trying to survive, and these... these... monsters... prey on us... [He whispers under his breath] and our children...Jon Zimmerman

Kill Razor is an unmarked quest in Fallout.


Upon entering the ruins of L.A., known as the Boneyard, a guard will suggest that the Vault Dweller do some work for Jon Zimmerman in order to be gain safe passage through the town. Jon is located in the southern area of Adytum and requests that the Vault Dweller kill Razor.


Razor is the leader of the Blades and is located north of Adytum. Upon killing Razor, the rest of the Blades will become hostile but are either unarmed or armed with weak melee weapons. Looting their corpses can provide a large number of stimpaks and caps. The Vault Dweller can return to Jon Zimmerman to receive their reward.

Alternatively, when speaking to Razor, and selecting the dialogue options "Are you the leader of this gang?" and answer that Jon sent them to avenge his son, Jason Zimmerman. Then asking who Razor's going to send to hell, she'll tell the Vault Dweller that the Blades did not kill his son, it was the Regulators who murdered him and framed the Blades. Razor then offers a recording of Regulator transmission as proof. The Vault Dweller can then offer to inform Zimmerman about it and receive the holodisk from Razor. If the Vault Dweller shows it to Zimmerman, he will try to kill all of the Regulators, though he fails miserably due to lacking equipment and self-defense.



  • If the Vault Dweller kills Razor and the rest of the Blades, the Gun Runners will also be hostile, making it impossible to access Zack's weapons shop.
  • With a decent Speech skill, the Vault Dweller can tell Zimmerman he gave Razor a painful death as an "extra." Doing so results in Zimmerman adding 500 more caps to the reward.