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This is a transcript for dialogue with Kieran Kennedy.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 0056EFB0 0056EFBA Uh huh.
6 0056EFB2 0056EFBE Fine... Safe.
10 00573E52 00573ED2 No. Sternly breaking bad news. Maybe slight hesitation before.
17 00573E54 00573ED8 They know we're a threat now. I'm sure word has gotten back to the rest of their crew.
25 00573E57 00573EBC (Cough) Awkward clearing throat
33 00573E5B 00573EAA Alright, take it slow. No telling what's ahead.
43 00573E5F 00573ED0 Looks like we're in the clear. Good work.
45 00573E61 00573ECA There's an opening. Let's move out while we can.
47 00573E62 00573EA9 Enemies incoming. We need to hold up here. Watch our flanks, they'll come from all sides. Getting ready for combat
53 00573E64 00573EA4 Hold. Something isn't right.
54 I expected more retaliation for taking down a captain.
56 00573E65 00573EBD Hrmm... Stop messing around.
59 00573E66 00581ED5 Yeah, I wasn't sure we'd make it out of there. Thanks for having my back.
60 But, um... do you think you could make that an Old Possum instead? a brand of beer
62 00573E67 00573EB7 The cliffs above makes travel by Brahmin too slow, too dangerous. The lack of cover leaves us vulnerable.
63 There are no roads that won't lead to a fight. At least this way is favorable for fighting larger numbers.
64 I would have thought you knew that, Eugenie.
71 00573E6A 00573ECC Well done, the captain is down. The control for the gate is up top.
72 00573E6B 00573EAB Damn. They've got the gate closed. Looks heavily guarded.
73 That one up top looks like a captain. We need to take him out first.
80 00573E6D 00573EA6 Blockade ahead. We'll need to knock it down. I'll set some charges to clear the rubble. Watch my back.
81 They must be looking to stall us. Expect a serious fight ahead.
88 00573E6F 00573E9F No. This is just the start. Don't let your guard down.
91 00573E70 00573EB9 Wait, quiet. We've got trouble.
102 00573E74 00573EAD Hrm. A somewhat "agreed" grunt
107 00573E76 00573EA8 Right: our priority is protecting the Brahmin, not going on a killing spree or a treasure hunt.
115 00573E78 00573EA1 Hrmm... Let's move out.
124 00574F2A 00574FA5 It did not.
127 00574F2C 00574FB5 Yes. Many times in the past.
155 00581EBF 00581EE8 Exactly. If we hesitate, we die.
175 00583DA3 00583DA4 They're attacking from the back, watch your flank.
178 0058DEE3 0058DEE5 Okay, stay back. It's set to blow!


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00573E81 00575003 Don't let them near the Brahmin. In combat
2 00575004 Not yet. Need to wait for the right moment. Keep fighting! In combat
3 00575005 The captain is still up. Can't move until he's down. In combat
4 00575006 Explosives incoming. Take that guy out, quick. In combat
5 00575007 Sniper. We need to take care of it. In combat
6 00575009 The Brahmin are getting hit. Remember why we're here. In combat
7 0057500A A waste of life. Let's go.
9 00583922 Mmhmm.
45 00584D87 Those Eyebots are rigged to blow. Kill them, quick. In combat
46 00584D88 Eyebots heading for the Brahmin. Kill them before they explode. In combat
63 00573E9E 00574FD1 Do I know you?
64 00574FD2 Hmph. An acknowledging grunt.
73 00582135 Heard you've been helping out. That's good. Maybe I'll see you in there soon.
74 00582136 It's good to see someone out here that can take care of themselves. It's even better to have that person on our side.
75 00582137 Something I can do for you?
76 00582138 You had my back out there. Thanks. I'll try to return the favor.
77 00582139 Next time we need to prioritize protecting the Brahmin. This is all worthless if they don't survive.
103 00574F50 00583927 Guard the Brahmin. At all costs, guard the Brahmin.
104 00574F52 00583925 If that's what you want.
105 00574F54 00574FC4 We're the Blue Ridge Caravan Company. I'm really just a guard. If you want to know more, talk to Vinny Costa. Awkward pause before last question
106 00574F57 00574FEB Urgh...!
107 00574FEC Bastard. got hit
108 00574FED Grr... got hit
109 00574FEE Is that all? got hit
120 00574F5A 00582134 If you're looking to help the caravan, talk to Vinny. We could always use another gun on our side.
129 0058390E 0058391B Caps. No matter how messed up the world has gotten, there's always a need for money. Especially when you're not just taking care of yourself.g}}
130 00583910 00583919 I'm a caravan guard. I escort the merchants and their Brahmin on their routes. Sometimes that requires a fight, sometimes it doesn't.