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Caps. No matter how messed up the world has gotten, there's always a need for money. Especially when you're not just taking care of yourself.— Kieran on why he joined the company

Kieran Kennedy is an employee of the Blue Ridge Caravan Company at Big Bend Tunnel West in Appalachia, in Fallout 76. He is a potential guard for the caravan leading brahmin through Big Bend Tunnel during the event Riding Shotgun.


A gruff man of few words, Kieran is an "old associate" of Vinny Costa from before the Great War.[1] They have known each other for some thirty years, since at least 2074,[3] and Kieran has apparently been a grim, frowning man just as long.[3] Kieran alludes to a similarly grim childhood: he says that while growing up, he had few chances to be a kid, and as a result has very little knowledge of what it means to have a childhood[4] and even less of what it means to have fun.[5]

His strong suit is violence. He is exceptionally strong and still in excellent physical condition despite his age, working under Vinny as a caravan guard for the Blue Ridge Caravan Company. He is not quick to anger, but anyone testing his patience with insults might get to learn if he can truly "rip out their tongue through their bellybutton," according to Vinny.[6] While Kieran tried numerous other jobs in the past, they did not pan out, and he always returned to what he knew best.[7] He has a no-nonsense attitude towards work, focusing on the objectives first and any extra opportunities second.[8]

Although it is not specified exactly what jobs he did for Vinny, Kieran is more than just a hired gun: he has some knowledge of handling explosive charges and can bring down blockades without killing the caravan or bringing the Big Bend Tunnel down whenever the Blood Eagles try to block Blue Ridge from crossing.[9] He also easily picks out enemy commanders[10] and understands the reasons for bothering with the Tunnel in the first place, such as the lack of cover when going overland or using the tunnel to neutralize enemy number advantage.[11] This is particularly important whenever the caravan comes under heavy attack in confined spaces, as Kieran's calm, collected attitude and quick orders allow for immediate reaction to changing circumstances.[12]

Kieran is usually paired with Eugenie, a ghoul weapons merchant, making regular runs with premium armaments and ammunition through Big Bend. The talkative, sociable trader could not be more different from Kieran,[13] and while she has complained at times about his gruff nature and tendency towards responding in a combination of sighs and monosyllabics,[14] the two have developed a rapport. Eugenie gently teases him about his disdain towards small talk, in fact,[15] as she realizes he has a good heart, even if the exterior is "about as fun as a swamp itch."[16] Joanna Mayfield respects him as a dependable worker and is familiar with his family situation, even going as far to set aside toys for them.[1]

Kieran started a family, adopting at least five children and setting up a homestead, though Vinny warned him he was not cut out for the family life.[17] The adopted children run the homestead on their own,[Non-game 1] protected by Dorothy, a guard hired by Kieran to keep them safe whenever he is away earning caps. Dorothy is practically part of the family, all of whom stay in touch with Kieran through letters. "Uncle K.", as he is called by Hannah, is frequently away, but the homestead runs well on its own thanks to the older kids and Hannah, who also looks after the youngest ones and teaches them how to read and write.[2] Kieran's kids are his weakness, in fact. As he never experienced a proper childhood, he does not know how to give them what he feels is a proper childhood. He has been conflicted about his role as an adoptive father, to the point that his performance started slipping and Vinny noticed.[18]

While Kieran provides his adopted family with caps, food and safety, he is concerned that he should provide more than that. The Great War and the fallout that followed may have robbed them of their chance at a childhood, but he is unsure he should keep it that way. Nuka-World on Tour seems like an opportunity to give them a bit of the childhood back, even if Kieran is well aware Appalachia is too dangerous for them to visit. He hopes to bring home a couple of souvenirs,[19] to bring out some of the childlike wonder.[20] At the same time, he is worried that souvenirs would only remind them of the fact they cannot visit the carnival, and of a world destroyed by their parents' generation, and that this would only end up making them sadder.[21] The alternative is to prepare them for reality and the grim world they are facing.[22] However, as Kieran admits, he may be overthinking it a fair bit.[4]

While there are no kids at the Appalachian caravan camp, Kieran does get to try at being a parental figure. Carver Timmerman struggles with not knowing his father well, and when he asked Kieran about it, he provided the best guidance he could: "Your past is not who you are. You are not just your father's son, you are yourself first."[23]

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

25 Strictly Business
This character is a temporary companion.
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This character is involved in quests.

Costa Business: Kieran

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This character is involved in events.

Riding Shotgun


  • Riding Shotgun: Kieran is one of the three possible guards. He will be assigned to guard Eugenie.
  • Costa Business: Kieran: Kieran would like to send toys to his adopted kids back home. The player is asked to collect five toy trucks from Nuka-World on Tour, though has second thoughts upon the player's return, and asks for help. The player can choose to either reassure him and not overthink the idea of childhood in the apocalypse or agree that they need to prepare for reality. Both options complete the quest and bring him back into shape.
    • If reassured, Vinny will mention Kieran smiling for the first time in 30 years,[3] while confirming his cynicism will make him into an even fiercer fighter, capable of beating Blood Eagles into the ground with a hand trolley.[24]


Apparel Weapon Other items
Blue Ridge Caravan outfit Double-barrel shotgun


Kieran Kennedy appears in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update. His character was expanded upon in the Once in a Blue Moon update.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Quest designer Carl McKevitt was a writer for Kieran; McKevitt also created much of the rest of the Blue Ridge Caravan Company.
  • On the Bethesda Game Studios official Discord, Carl clarified that Kieran has no living blood relatives, and that his children are adopted.[Non-game 1]
  • Kieran's face was initially much younger, with black hair and the "Anchorage" hairstyle, before he was aged up to match the voice actor. As Kieran was the first guard implemented during development, his actor template was duplicated to Aries, who kept the old face model, just obscured by the mask.[Non-game 2]
  • Carl also stated that Kieran's name is a very subtle nod to one of his favorite video game protagonists, even if Kieran's final appearance in-game makes the reference "practically non-existent." While he initially did not reveal who exactly this protagonist was, he stated that there were some clues left behind, including Eugenie's line about past jobs.[Non-game 3]
    • This reference is to Kazuma Kiryu, the main protagonist of the Yakuza series. Both of their initials are "K.K." (Kiryu and Kieran, in particular, having the same first syllables), while Eugenie mentions Kieran as a fisherman, bartender, and professional singer - all jobs Kiryu has taken on. Kieran and Kiryu have also adopted daughters with similar names; Kiryu adopted Haruka Sawamura and Kieran adopted Hannah. Carl McKevitt is a noted fan of the Yakuza series and cited the games' influence on him in a Bethesda.net article.[Non-game 4]



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  1. The letter from Hannah mentions two groups of kids, those older than Hannah running the homestead, and the "little ones" she teaches basic literacy. This means there is, at minimum, five of them (at least two older ones, Hannah, and at least two younger ones)