Kidnapping at (Location Name) is a Minutemen radiant quest in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthrough

Minutemen radiant quest: Kidnapping
Speak to the leader of the settlement.
Travel to the location where the prisoner is held.
(Optional) Pay the ransom.
Free the prisoner.
Report your success to the leader of the settlement.
Reward: ~100 caps or a new settlement
(Optional) Report your success to Preston Garvey.
Reward: 200 XP

Detailed walkthrough

This quest can be started randomly when speaking to Preston Garvey or listening to Radio Freedom. If a settlement has not been unlocked yet, this quest may be started by speaking to a settler at that location and it will unlock the settlement.

The leader of the concerned settlement will ask the Sole Survivor to rescue one of the settlers. They then has the option to eliminate the kidnappers or to give money to the settlement leader so they can pay the ransom. The ransom varies between 200 and 500 caps. The kidnappers can be super mutants, raiders or Gunners.

Failure to free the kidnapped settler in a timely manner will result in failure of the quest.

Settlements asking for help

Possible prisoner locations

Quest stages

50 Talk to the settlers at (location 1)
81 (Optional) Pay the ransom
100 Rescue (settler) from (location 2)
150 Report back to settlers at (location 1)
450 Talk to Preston Garvey - if Preston started quest
500Icon checkQuest complete

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