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Whether you're a kid-in-fact or a child-of-heart, Kiddie Kingdom has endless whimsical fun for you.— Promotional quote

Kiddie Kingdom is a location in the Nuka-World Amusement Park in 2287.


Kiddie Kingdom was an area in Nuka-World with a theme centered around a kid friendly kingdom. Kiddie Kingdom and Nuka-Town USA were the only parks in Nuka-World when it first opened on May 1st, 2050.

The park featured many different theatrical performances and stage shows and the employees got along well. Before the war a number of employees decided to make plans "in case things went south". When the bombs fell many made their way to the tunnels under the park along with the few guests they could convince to follow them to safety. They survived the realities of the post-War world and slowly began to notice changes happening to their bodies due to radiological exposure. Slowly they began to become creatures known elsewhere as ghouls.

They realized the spray installation throughout the park could be used to their advantage, as radiation no longer directly hurt them, but it would repel attacking raiders by spraying irradiated water. Despite raider attacks and wasteland life, most survived for well over two hundred years.

However, unlike sentient ghouls elsewhere, many went feral and became violent to outsiders. It was decided that for their own protection those that had turned feral should be locked away. Eventually a raider attack forced those that were left to retreat to the center of the park. This led to many ferals escaping and attacking the raiders. One of the residents, Rachel Watkins, decided that a cure had to be found and set off to find it, leaving Oswald the Outrageous in charge.


Before completing the quest A Magical Kingdom many green mist sprayers are spread throughout the park. The player may encounter many feral ghouls as well.

  • From the south entrance, taking the park path the player can see the Teacups ride on the right and ahead can see the Ferris Wheel. Past the first gingerbread house is the Blast Off! ride. Turn left there and make another left where the park map is, then go up the stairs past a fountain and the bridge for the Nuka Racers is where one can find the Nuka Rockets ride. East from there are Nuka-mixer stations right in front of the Fun House.
  • Starting from the Blast Off! ride the player can navigate around some scales and towards the rides exit. From there due south is the entrance to the employee tunnels and to the west is the path to King Cola's Castle.
  • Heading west from the Blast Off! ride's exit, up the stairs and to the left is the Nuka Zapper Race where one can earn Nuka-Cade tickets.
  • Past the Nuka Zapper Race and up the stairs to the right one can see the Carousel. Staying on the park path turning left just before the castle moat, there is a red tower with pictures of lighthouses in it. Head up the stairs in that building to the top floor to find the hidden Cappy clue.
  • Heading over the bridge into King Cola's Castle is a trapped door rigged with two missile launchers. Making one's way up a set of stairs to the right is a bakery and to the left more stairs. Taking a left one can find another set of stairs. After that, a theater entrance to King Cola's Court and in front of that entrance yet another set of stairs leading to a bridge to King Cola's Castle Tower. From there take the other door to get to the other side of the tower; taking this path will lead you to the back side of King Cola's Court.


Notable loot


  • The inhabitants (mostly employees, and a few park guests) of Kiddie Kingdom who survived the Great War, survived due to plans put in place by the employees themselves, not by the government or the Nuka-Cola Corporation.
  • The ghoulfication of the inhabitants in Kiddie Kingdom affected everyone in the same way, except for Oswald the Outrageous, who was the only one to remain sentient and become a glowing one (an extremely rare occurrence elsewhere).
  • It is possible to turn the spray installation off inside the Employee tunnels, but as long as Oswald the Outrageous is still in the park he will turn them back on again after the player leaves the tunnels.


Kiddie Kingdom only appears in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


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