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Find Raider passkey fragments to unlock a cache of treasure.

Key to the Past is a main quest in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Acquire the following holodisk key fragments from various places across Appalachia:

Return to Rose so that she can produce a "master key" from those key fragments. Then search for information on Rosalynn Jeffries at the Charleston Capitol Building and finally go to the basement of the Pleasant Valley Ski Resort to find a raider cache storeroom with various loot.

Detailed walkthroughEdit

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Quest stagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Speak with RoseRose has something to tell me at the Top of the World.
? Check the Terminal at Blackwater mineRose told me about the Raider cache filled with treasure. The key was split into 5 passwords contained on holotapes, which need to be pieced back together to make the Master Key used to open the cache. First, I need to search for clues about the Blackwater Bandits' key.
? Find the Blackwater Bandits' Key FragmentIt sounds like Freddie Lang may have disappeared deep into the mine. I may be able to find the key on her body.
? Go Outside the Mine EntranceI need to leave the mine through the front entrance so Rose knows I successfully found the key fragment, and she can tell me where to go next.
? Search for Notes at the Trappers' CampI Found the Blackwater Bandits' key. Rose said the Trappers had disappeared, leaving nothing behind. I should check for notes or other clues as to their whereabouts at their camp.
? Find the Trappers' Key FragmentIt looks like the Trappers' leader was taken to Huntersville by Super Mutants. The body will probably be there somewhere. Hopefully, the key is with it.
? Check Margie's Last Known Location for CluesI found the Trappers' Key, which ironically, was booby-trapped by Super Mutants. Now, I need to search for clues to find the Diehards' key. Margie McClintock's last known location was at Sunnytop Ski Lanes.
? Play Margie's holotapeThe Diehards' key does not appear to be at Sunnytop Ski Lanes. Listening to Margie's holotape may provide clues to its whereabouts.
? Read Vincent's TerminalIt sounds like Margie destroyed her holotape. This could be a dead end. Margie's holotape mentions that someone named Vincent might have a contingency plan. It's my only lead.
? Get the Admin PasswordVincent's terminal mentions that the palace of the Winding Path had asystem for preserving and duplicating a backup for holotapes. I'll need the admin Password for their machine though, which is tucked away in a secret compartment.
? Duplicate the Diehard's Key FragmentI found the password for the holotape duplication machine. I should just be able to create a new one from their backup.
? Search for Notes at Bolton GreensI Made a backup copy of the Diehards' key. I need to find out what happened to the Gourmands at Bolton Greens and track down their key fragment.
? Find The Gourmands' Key FragmentAccording to a note left behind, the Gourmands' leader was driven out for turning on their own. His last known location was a cave East of Bolton Greens on the other side of the mountain.
? Kill David and get the Cutthroat's Key FragmentI found what was presumably the leader of the Gourmands, and killed him for the key. All that's left is the Cutthroats. Rose said she saw their leader, David, shambling around Big Fred's BBQ shack, as a scorched.
? Bring the Key Fragments to RoseAfter putting David to rest, I found all the holotape key fragments. Now I need to return to Rose so she can make the Master Key.
? Search for information on RosalynnRose needs a holotape program to make the Master Key. She says it was possessed by David's Mistress, Rosalynn. She perished in the raid on Charleston, but they may have recovered her body. I need to check the town's records.
? Find Rosalynn's Master Key HolotapeAccording to the records, Rosalynn was taken alive. Her personal effects were likely stored somewhere near her jail cell, in the basement.
? Go to the Raider CacheRose sent me on a wild goose chase while she tried to cheat me out of the loot, but she felt bad about it and left it for me. She could be lying again, but it still seems worth checking out.
? Take the Keycard
?Icon checkEnter the Cache


  • PCIcon pc When leaving the world mid quest, some or all of the key pieces may be gone from inventory upon logging back in, forcing the player to repeat the respective quest stages to acquire them again and being able to continue the quest. There is no known fix other than to finish the whole quest during one session to avoid triggering the bug.[verified]
    • The bug seems to be triggered most often as a result of the game being closed abruptly - by crashing, task killing or using the ALT-F4 key shortcut. Avoiding those actions when possible and leaving the game world before quitting the game might help to prevent the bug from happening.
  • PCIcon pc Xbox OneIcon xboxone On the portion of the quest where the player character is asked to kill David, there will sometimes not be a tracking dot showing where Big Fred's BBQ Shack is.[verified]

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