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The Key Bridge or Potomac Bridge is an unmarked location in Fallout 3.[Non-canon 1]


The Key Bridge crosses the Potomac River north of Jefferson Memorial, from the Citadel in the direction of Washington Monument. It contains numerous ruined vehicles top-side, and a portion of the bridge has collapsed into the river below.

Below the bridge to the west, there is a raider encampment, while on the eastern side, there is a scavenger under the bridge that the Lone Wanderer can trade with. On the eastern side, there is also a super mutant base near the irradiated metro.

Notable loot

North of the bridge, east end, between the scavenger and raider camp, is a grave with search party log #3 for the Searching for Cheryl unmarked quest.

Related quests


  • The county sewer mainline comes out into the Potomac just north of the bridge, on the west side.
  • Like many other things, the scavenger under the bridge is removed during Take it Back!, but if he was not killed before the quest, he reappears after it if Broken Steel is installed and will help fight the bandits during Protecting the Water Way.
  • At the raider camp on the east side of the bridge, a Brotherhood of Steel paladin may spawn if all inhabitants are killed.


The Key Bridge appears only in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes

The Francis Scott Key Bridge is a real world location in Washington D.C.



  1. Fallout 3 Official Game Guide p. 395: "POTOMAC BRIDGE (LAT 10/LONG -11):"
    "The Key Bridge stretches from the east to west banks of the Potomac, from the Super Mutant's office domain [9.P] to the Citadel. This is a major span and a good way to head back and forth to the two large sections of town without getting your feet wet (and irradiated). The Key Bridge is destroyed on the Citadel (west) side, and there are some smaller arches to investigate; there's a small Raider camp with Chems, beer, a locked safe, and a Raider standing next to a fire extinguisher that's too good a sniping opportunity to miss. On the eastern end, beware of Muties with missile launchers!"