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This is a transcript for dialogue with Kevin Harris.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 0076332F 00763396 Mustn't lock myself out again.
2 00763397 Shouldn't have to leave my... li'l bunker for a while now.
3 00763398 I hope I won't cross paths with those... cultists again.
4 00763399 Ahh... Home sweet home. Or bunker. hm, Same thing really.
5 0076339A Right back to rereading my comic for the 3242nd time.
6 00763330 007633CF Thanks again for... helping out.
7 007633D0 How is the world out there? Still scary?
8 007633D1 Hats off to you! You're still alive!
9 007633D2 Seen any more of those weirdo cultists?
10 007633D3 Any chance the world is back to normal?
11 00763331 007633D4 Eek! Ooh! Ahh! Oh... Oh, you again!*Sniff* Made me jump.
12 007633D5 I'd ask what you need, but I... I doubt I'd be of any help.
13 007633D6 Huh? Oh, sorry. I'm not used to visitors.
14 007633D7 What... brings you here?
15 007633D8 Sorry for the ah- chaos, *chuckles* I wasn't expecting visitors.
16 00763332 0076336E Sure.
17 00763334 0076334E Well a few went out scavenging, never to be seen again.
18 Others left to search for their families.
19 Now I'm n-not sure- sure if they died or... or-or found someone, but I sure wasn't gonna risk my life for them.
20 00763336 00763370 As little... as... possible! *chuckles* Yeah, I only leave when I need a few essential resources.
21 I don't see why I should leave more often than that - I got everything I need in here!
22 00763338 00763350 Oh, uh... okay. Wha- Stay safe out there!
23 0076333A 00763375 Not at first I didn't...
24 Just a few of my fellow rangers, and when the bombs dropped... we made our way to the bunker.
25 None of them stayed very long though.
26 0076333C 00763356 Me? No, no, no. N-not at all. I- er... I-I-I I'm just... I'm just not used to having anyone around. I uh-
27 I'm fine though, thanks.
28 00767AD2 *Gasp* I mean, have you seen those weirdos?!
29 So... ya... excuse me for being a little shaken up.
30 00767ACC 00767ACD Bye.
31 00767ACE Sure.
32 00767ACF Please uh, continue.
33 00767AD0 Where were we?
34 00767AD1 Hang on a second.

[SeventySix.esm] Storm_Dialogue_Margaret (007632f4)[]

# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00763340 007633A1 ... And then I saw... Do you mind? dismissive
2 007633A2 *Clears throat* dismissive and irritated.
3 007633A3 ... Don't you just hate rude people listening in on private conversations? dismissive, ignoring player and talking to people around them.
4 007633A4 Have you heard about... ugh, again? very annoyed at being interrupted
5 007633A5 Hi there, thanks again for the help. Friendly
6 007633A6 Nice to see you again! happy and friendly
7 007633A7 Need anything? Friendly
8 007633A8 Hello again! happy and friendly
9 007633A9 Got any news for us? friendly and curious. asking for gossip from the outside.
10 00792B06 007633D9 I wish Oberlin would act already. Things just keep getting worse. gossipy and frustrated. clearly talking behind someone's back.
11 007633DC Do you think we should bring our concerns to the Overseer? contemplative.
12 007633E0 Can't wait until this is over with so we can get back to work. Friendly, gossipy, Just wants things to go back to the way they were before.
13 007633E2 Did you hear there's an outsider been let into the vault? Excited, and a bit apprehensive, something new happening.
14 007633E5 Have you seen Hilda lately? I went to the clinic to ask her something but she wasn't there. Curious
15 007633E8 Oberlin looks a lot less stressed lately. Still seems distracted though, hope whatevers bothering him gets sorted soon. gossiping/commenting on goings on in the vault.
16 007633EB "Ghoul", "Smoothskin", "Radroaches" I wonder what other new terminology people are using out there. contemplative but amused.
17 007633F0 I'm not sure there's enough of us left to do that. reluctant to say it aloud/ sad.
18 007633F2 Now that the Generator is fixed I can hear myself think again.
19 007633F5 I heard the outsider helped her when she got herself stuck trapped in the Organics section. Gossiping with friends, impressed by the player's accomplishments.
20 007633F7 Hilda seems really down lately. I'm getting worried about her.
21 007633FA I bumped into Oberlin the other day, never seen him look so angry! Wonder what's got his panties in a bunch.
22 007633FD Oberlin seems happier lately. Does that mean he has a plan for dealing with the Lost? Friendly gossip
23 00763400 Seems like the Overseer has been visiting the gardens more and more. Guess it's comforting for him? chill, friendly, just talking with friends.
24 00763403 I heard Audrey muttering something about "needing parts" the other day. What do you think she's trying to fix? Thinking and curious while making friendly gossip
25 00763406 Did ya hear? Things aren't going well between Audrey and the Overseer lately. Whispered gossip
26 Oh sure they SEEM fine, but have you noticed she tenses up whenever anyone mentions him? More whispers gossip
27 00763409 I saw Oberlin rushing towards the Overseer's office earlier, what's going on? very concerned. things are happening.
28 0076340C I knew the Overseer loved his wife but to think he would risk the entire vault to save one person. It would be romantic... If it wasn't horrifying. Absolute disbelief, not sure how she feels about the discovery.
29 0076340F So... The Overseer is dead, Oberlin is dead, guess that means Audrey is in charge now? At least she has Hilda around for support. Big change has just happened in the vault, the gossiping is very nervous.