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Please end this tragic life of mine!

Kevin is a depressed and suicidal Mister Handy around the year 2287 in Fallout Shelter Online.


Kevin was equipped with a personality module. However, the personality module made him no longer want to exist and gave him suicidal ideations. He was produced 73683 days (a little over 200 years) ago prior to being found. He is encountered during chapter seven. Instead of the team granting his desire, a dweller tells him to shut up and the team apparently leaves him be.

A while later, the team feels guilty and decides to go search for a personality module. They briefly meet Ingram and Kevin begs her to kill him, but she leaves. The team finds a personality which gives him a "deep sexy" voice and a flirtatious personality, which annoys the female team members but they decide that being Kevin being flirty is better than him being depressed and suicidal.

The team eventually finds Kevin's flirty personality too annoying and decide to go look for another module, but they find one which makes him rude and condescending, as he calls the team stupid.

In Salem, the team decides to get the supposed last personality module because his personality keeps getting worse. There, he insults robots produced by RobCo Industries, claiming General Atomics International is superior. The last module only seems to give him errors and his system reboots, shifting between his prior personalities, although it seems to settle on his flirty one again.

Notable quotes[]

  • "Ah, hello humans. Are you here to put an end to my sad existence?"
  • "Don't you understand? What meaning is there for a robot like me to exist? Humans, if you still have a slight respect for the rights of the robot, then please! Take! Me! Apart!"
  • "Failure? The biggest failure is you humans not getting rid of an unsuccessful specimen like me, it's been 73683 days since I was produced and every day has been torture!"
  • "Why did you bring me here? To end me? Please end me!"
  • "Hey babe. Did you miss me? Maybe I can prepare dinner for you, then we can change into something more comfortable... and... you know..."


Kevin appears in Fallout Shelter Online.