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Kesha McDermott is a deceased researcher with the Responders in Appalachia in 2102.


Kesha lived at 3 Church Road and specialized in hydrology and education. As of October 25, 2096, she was working at the Flatwoods River, monitoring water safety protocols and conducting hydrology experiments.

On the day the Great War happened, she was coordinating a statewide high school science fair in Watoga with the theme being the future of energy. She and some of the high school students whose parents died holed up in a house to avoid the chaos and violence that followed in the wake of the Great War. In that house, she managed to repair a radio and they heard a broadcast from the Responders.

After hearing the broadcast, Kesha and the students set out to join up with the Responders in Flatwoods. En route, they were robbed by another group of survivors. After they arrived at Flatwoods, Kesha created a testing kit to detect contamination in the local water.

At some point following her last check-in, she died.

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Survivor story: Kesha McDermott


Kesha McDermott appears only in Fallout 76.

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