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Kerry was a member of the Cutthroats raider gang in Appalachia. Her corpse can be found in Lewisburg.


Kerry lived in the Snowdrift Lodge at the Pleasant Valley Ski Resort, sharing a room with Brick, Derrik and Mark Jackson. After Kerry's death, Mark sent out a public memo asking for a new roommate, sharing rent between the roommates at 55 caps per month.[1]

At some point, Kerry went to Lewisburg after receiving intel from Brody Torrance that a member of the Order of Mysteries would be there.[2] Once there, she staked out the area, and it was decided that an ambush would be carried out from the rooftops during the Spring Garden Festival.[3] However, the ambush failed, resulting in the death of Kerry and several other raiders.[4]

Interactions with the player character

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  • Kerry's body uses the template of a raider corpse. There is no unique actor listing for Kerry, just a display name.
  • Kerry is not listed in the Pleasant Valley network administration's user database, which lists other members of the Cutthroats that lived at the ski resort.


Kerry appears only in Fallout 76.