Kendra is a gun for hire working for Sinjin, living in the Water Street apartments in the Financial District, just south of Goodneighbor.


Kendra is an assassin working for Sinjin's gang. As part of his quest to wipe out the gang's activity in Goodneighbor, Kent Connolly instructs the Sole Survivor to find Kendra and take her out. The Sole Survivor, dressed as the Silver Shroud, tracks Kendra to her hideout at the Water Street apartments, fights past her bodyguards and confronts her in her room. Kendra dismisses the player as a loony, tells them that they're "in way over their head" and attacks them, though she ultimately ends up getting killed.

At the time of her death, Kendra had just received instructions from Sinjin to assassinate a scavenger named Shelly Tiller. If the Sole Survivor chooses to do so, they can complete the assassination and get paid for it via a dead drop.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

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This character is involved in quests.



Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Combat armor chest piece Contract: Shelly Tiller


  • Before talking to Kendra, one can pickpocket all her ammunition. She will then use her fists in the fight and it will be much easier. Alternatively, you can reverse-pickpocket grenade into her inventory.
  • Kendra spawns as a leveled Gunner boss. As a result, she will most likely be the toughest of the named NPC enemies encountered in "The Silver Shroud" sidequest, as the other named NPCs in the quest spawn from the weaker Raider stat template. However, unlike the other named enemies in the quest, she is confronted alone instead of alongside henchmen.
  • A well-tossed frag grenade from the bottom of the stairs will take care of the turret at the end of the hallway before reaching Kendra's door.


Kendra appears only in Fallout 4.

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