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Kendell Alston is a deceased wastelander in Nuka-World's Starport Nuka in 2287.


Kendell Alston is the father of Tiana Alston.[citation needed] He was a settler in Nuka-World prior to the arrival of Colter and his gangs, and would make salvage runs into Starport Nuka with his daughter and other settlers.[citation needed] Due to the arrival of the Nuka-World raiders in the park, he tried to activate Star Control as a line of defense, but he did so before enough star cores had been gathered to properly control the systems.[citation needed] This resulted in his death and the death of his daughter and crew as the attraction's robots became hostile to them.[citation needed]

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Star Control


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Undershirt & jeans


Kendell Alston appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.