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Kendall Parking is an unmarked location in the Commonwealth in 2287. It is located across the street (east) of the entrance to Greenetech Genetics.


The lower two levels of a parking garage inhabited by mole rats, each with two fragmentation mines strapped on their backs.


  • There's a drifter who appears to be insane. She talks to the mole rats in the area, calling them "ratties" and apparently considering them to be her comrades. She is not initially hostile, but if she sees any of the mole rats attacking you, she will join them.
  • There are four mole rats in the area with fragmentation mines strapped to their sides. One is on the second level, two are on the first, and one remains below ground on the first until the other three have seen you. An additional mole rat is sleeping in a cage by the drifter, but it does not (yet) have mines strapped to it.
  • If you use the Animal Friend perk to pacify the rats and then speak to the drifter, she'll say, "You friend, also, to ratties? This for you then." However, despite how it sounds, she does not actually give you anything. This may be a bug, or it may be that she is simply saying, "This is the place for you." Alternatively, if you stealth kill all the mole rats without being discovered, she will remain non-hostile.
  • Some of the drifter's possessions are on a makeshift bench behind the caged mole rat. Taking most of them is considered theft, but there are several fragmentation mines that may be taken. Apparently, it is she who has been booby-trapping the mole rats.


Kendall Parking appears only in Fallout 4.