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As the captain of this vessel, I won't allow anyone to jeopardize our mission no matter how valuable they think they are.— Kells emphasizing the importance of the Brotherhood's mission.

Lancer Captain Kells, registration KS-390LC,[1] is the captain of the Brotherhood of Steel's airship the Prydwen in 2287. He is second-in-command of the Brotherhood's operations in the Commonwealth, reporting directly to Elder Maxson.


The captain of the Prydwen, Kells is a fervent supporter of Elder Arthur Maxson and his mission in the Commonwealth. He joined the Brotherhood at a young age, rising through the ranks from squire all the way to lancer captain.[2]

While technically sharing the rank with other lancer captains, Kells has much broader authority on account of being the commander of the flagship, making him the head of the lancers, equivalent in rank to scribe proctors and directly subordinate to the elder. [3] In his capacity as head of the lancers, he advises the elder on operations in the Commonwealth, supervises their execution,[4] and is authorized to designate targets for elimination at his own discretion.[5] He also coordinates with proctors in assembling sweep and retrieve teams and duty rosters,[6]

As the airship's captain, apart from piloting the great airship, Kells is also responsible for order and discipline among the crew.[7] He is also responsible for overseeing the training of members, particularly the squires, ensuring they get the education and training they need, as well as the chance to experience combat up close.

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

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he does not make an appearance during Airship Down.





Lancer-Captain Kells appears in Fallout 4, Fallout: Wasteland Warfare and Fallout Shelter Online.

Behind the scenes[]

In localized versions of the game, Lancer-Captain Kells's voice is dubbed by Raffaele Fallica (Italian).


Fallout: Wasteland Warfare[]

Fallout Shelter Online[]


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