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Kellogg's house was Conrad Kellogg's home in Diamond City in 2287.


In the quest Getting a Clue once one opens the door with Kellogg's house key, they will enter into a small room plus a small upper level at the rear of the room.

There is a hidden room to the right of the entrance, opened by a button under the desk. If one retrieves the key from the safe next to Mayor McDonough's desk prior to the related quest, there will be no button under the desk.

Notable loot

Two Nuka-Cola Quantums and three Nuka-Cherry in the hidden room.

Related quests


  • Kellogg's house can function as a convenient temporary player home before acquiring the Home Plate. It has two beds and ten storage containers.
  • The beds can be used as a save point in Survival mode if Home Plate has not been unlocked.
  • Lockpicking the door will not cause any of the residents of Diamond City to become hostile, as the door is not marked as owned.
  • Entering Kellogg's house before rescuing Nick Valentine will prevent the button under the desk from spawning.


Kellogg's house appears only in Fallout 4.