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Kellogg's house is an unmarked location in Diamond City in 2287. It formerly belonged to Conrad Kellogg.


This house near the western wall of the stadium consists of a single small room, with a sleeping loft above the entrance. There is a hidden room behind the wall to the right of the entrance, opened by a button under the desk; if one enters the house before going there with Nick Valentine during the related quest, the button will not appear. The hidden room contains three ammo boxes, a duffle bag, and other loot.

Notable loot

Two Nuka-Cola Quantums and three Nuka-Cherrys - In the hidden room.

Related quests


  • Kellogg's house key is needed to enter the house without lockpicking the Master-locked door. Lockpicking the door will not cause any of the residents of Diamond City to become hostile, as the door is not marked as owned.
  • Kellogg's house can function as a convenient player home before acquiring Home Plate. It has a bed, a sleeping bag, and two storage containers in the main room and loft, and seven additional storage containers in the hidden room.


Kellogg's house only appears in Fallout 4.