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GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Took your sweet time. I suppose the NCR sent you? 1
GREETING Neutral 50 Not now! I've got to get up to the lab and finish what I started! 2
GREETING Neutral 50 This Vault-Tech machinery is so fragile. I had to jury-rig this elevator a few days ago and it's on the fritz again already. 3
Neutral 50 Ah, that's got it. See you upstairs. 4
GREETING Neutral 50 Hm, what's this? Did you do these repairs? Not bad. Not bad at all. 5
Neutral 50 Saves me time, I guess. See you upstairs. 6
GREETING Neutral 50 Good, you're here. Ready to begin? 7
GREETING Neutral 50 I suppose you have questions. Hurry up and ask them. 8
GREETING Neutral 50 Ah, good. You survived. I was beginning to think you hadn't. You'll be pleased to know that the spores should no longer be a problem. 9
Neutral 50 Now all that's left is to ensure that none of this ever happens again. The research that led to these abominations must be erased. 10
GREETING Neutral 50 Don't mind me. I have to wrap things up here, gather my gear, that sort of thing. I'll be leaving soon enough. 11
VFreeformVault22KeelyTopic000 We can talk later. Right now we need to get out of here. Neutral 50 All right, all right. Just trying to make a little conversation. Shoulda known a youngin like you would be in a hurry. 12
We can talk later. Right now we need to get out of here. Neutral 50 But that's neither here nor there. These plants have gotten completely out of control. I've got a plan to deal with them, but I'll need your help. 13
VFreeformVault22KeelyTopic001 No, I was just exploring the vault when I stumbled on this place. Neutral 50 Well that's a hell of a bit of luck on my part, then. 14
VFreeformVault22KeelyTopic002 I was sent to fetch some research data. No one said anything about a rescue. Neutral 50 Looks like you got sent on the same fool's errand I did, then. 15
VFreeformVault22KeelyTopic003 Of course. I'd be glad to help. Neutral 50 Good. Meet me on the second level, and I'll explain what needs to be done. 16
VFreeformVault22KeelyTopic004 How much are you paying? Neutral 50 So you're one of those, huh? Fine, I'll give you all the money I have once we're done. Meet me on the second level, and I'll explain more. 17
VFreeformVault22KeelyTopic005 No deal. You'll have to do it without me. Neutral 50 Have it your way. When you change your mind, I'll be on the second level. Meet me there and I'll explain what needs to be done. 18
VFreeformVault22KeelyTopic006 Sure, how can I help? Neutral 50 Time is of the essence, so I'll be brief. This place is filled with spores that are toxic to humans, and we need to get rid of them. 19
Neutral 50 I've pumped the vault full of a highly flammable gas that, once ignited, should destroy the vast majority of the spores. There's one problem, though. 20
Neutral 50 The gas becomes semi-inert on exposure to oxygen, meaning the gas will have to be ignited close to where it's being introduced. 21
Neutral 50 I need you to find the vents where the gas is being pumped and ignite it. Oh, and survive the resulting blast. 22
VFreeformVault22KeelyTopic007 Just as long as I'm getting paid for this. Neutral 50 You really have a one track mind, you know that? Anyway, listen up. 23
VFreeformVault22KeelyTopic008 The hell I am. The door to the entrance is locked! Neutral 50 Of course it is. This place is under quarantine until I finish what I started. Now listen up. 24
VFreeformVault22KeelyTopic009 I told you. I'm not helping you. Neutral 50 I don't think you understand the situation. Listen up. 25
Neutral 50 This place is now locked down under quarantine, so neither of us is leaving until the situation at hand is dealt with. 26
VFreeformVault22KeelyTopic010 Sounds dangerous, but I'll do it. Neutral 50 Good. Return to me when it's done. 27
VFreeformVault22KeelyTopic011 You're out of your mind. Neutral 50 I'd love to debate you on this, but there's no time. Now do it or don't, but stop wasting my time. 28
VFreeformVault22KeelyTopic012 Any idea where these vents are that I'm looking for? Neutral 50 I set the gas to pump into the fifth level since that's where the concentration of spores was highest. I'd start looking there. 29
Neutral 50 Typically, these vaults use circular vents in their air circulation systems. Look for a wall with two of them almost side by side. 30
Neutral 50 There's one just around the corner outside this lab if you need an example. 31
VFreeformVault22KeelyTopic013 What needs to be done? Neutral 50 I've managed to create a connection to the vault's backup system from here. I just have to remotely delete all the files, and we're done here. 32
VFreeformVault22KeelyTopic014 Wait! Don't delete the files! Neutral 50 What's got you so flustered? You just about scared me to death shouting like that. 33
VFreeformVault22KeelyTopic015 I need those files. Dr. Hildern specifically sent me here to find them. Neutral 50 Don't you realize what those files represent? If they get into the wrong hands, this could happen all over again. 34
Neutral 50 Only this time, the madness won't just be confined to a musty vault. Do you really want that on your conscience? I sure as hell don't. 35
VFreeformVault22KeelyTopic016 If we destroy the files, all of these people will have died in vain. Neutral 50 No, these people died trying to stop a monster of their own creation. Failing to complete their work would mean they died in vain. 36
Neutral 50 And that's what I intend to do. And... 37
{ Science >= 70 }
Deleting those files makes it more likely that this will happen again. Neutral 50 How do you figure that? 38
VFreeformVault22KeelyTopic018 Science isn't just about success. Failures are just as important to learn from. Neutral 50 I suppose the data here could serve as a warning to other scientists. Tell them what paths of research not to follow. 39
VFreeformVault22KeelyTopic019 Exactly. Without that knowledge, something similar is bound to occur. Neutral 50 All right. You convinced me. Take the files back to that buffoon. You make a good point, but I still honestly hope you know what you're doing. 40
VFreeformVault22KeelyTopic020 Will it take long? Neutral 50 No, it shouldn't take all that long. Just a few more moments and... 41
Will it take long? Neutral 50's done. We can rest easy. 42
Will it take long? Neutral 50 ...that's strange. The system says that the files were accessed recently, and copied to an external source. 43
Neutral 50 You wouldn't happen to know anything about that, would you? 44
Will it take long? Neutral 50 I've unlocked the door so you're free to run along now. Although it pains me to say it, I wouldn't have made it out of here without your help. 45
Will it take long? Neutral 50 If you're heading back toward McCarran, tell Dr. Williams that she has my thanks as well. 46
Will it take long? Neutral 50 If you're in the neighborhood of Camp McCarran anytime soon, look for a Dr. Williams. She was one of the few people there I could tolerate. 47
Neutral 50 She seemed genuinely worried when I agreed to come out here, so if you could be a dear and let her know I'm okay, I'd be most grateful. 48
VFreeformVault22KeelyTopic021 Actually, I copied the files. Hildern sent me here to get them. Neutral 50 Yes, that sounds like something he'd do. Well, there's nothing for it, then. 49
Neutral 50 Those files need to be erased. Hold out your arm and I'll have it done in a flash. 50
VFreeformVault22KeelyTopic022 I'm afraid I can't let you do that. Neutral 50 So you're going to be stubborn about it, eh? You're sure I can't change your mind about this? 51
VFreeformVault22KeelyTopic023 Positive. Neutral 50 Then you give me no choice. 52
VFreeformVault22KeelyTopic024 On second thought, go ahead and erase the data. Neutral 50 Glad you're thinking clearly. I was afraid to blink there for a second. 53
Neutral 50 There, all done. That wasn't so bad, was it? 54
VFreeformVault22KeelyTopic025 Good riddance. Those files have caused enough trouble. Neutral 50 Indeed. This should only take a minute. Just a few more moments and... 55
VFreeformVault22KeelyTopic026 <Lie> No, I've been too busy rescuing you. Could someone else have done it? Neutral 50 It's possible. I have spent the last few days in a cave, after all. 56
Neutral 50 For all we know, that man sent someone immediately after you to swipe the data while you posed as mantis bait. 57
Neutral 50 Nothing to be done about it, I suppose. All we can do is delete what's here, and that's done. 58
VFreeformVault22KeelyTopic027 Never mind. Go ahead and delete the files. Neutral 50 You're pretty highstrung for a youngster. In any case, just a few more moments and... 59
VFreeformVault22KeelyTopic028 No, should they have? Neutral 50 Well, if they had any manners they would. In my day, if an old lady went missing for a spell, people cared. 60
VFreeformVault22KeelyTopic029 The scientists here must have made some useful discoveries. Neutral 50 Oh, they did. I've taken extensive notes of all their successful experiments. Their research won't go to waste. As for the file erasure... 61
VFreeformVault22KeelyTopic030 Yes, Angela Williams asked me to come find you. Neutral 50 Ah, she's such a dear. Not like that pompous little pedant she works for. 62
VFreeformVault22KeelyTopic031 No questions right now. I'll be going. Neutral 50 Well in that case, leave me to my work. 63
VFreeformVault22KeelyTopic032 How exactly should I ignite the gas? Neutral 50 In the area where the gas is active, any kind of fire or explosion should do the trick. Hell, even lasers would do the job. 64
Neutral 50 If you don't have anything like that, I've got some grenades in my bag in the corner that you can use. 65
VFreeformVault22KeelyTopic033 Did you say there'd be a blast? Neutral 50 Oh yes, I imagine there'll be quite an explosion when the gas gets set off. Fire will probably expand throughout the entire level in mere moments. 66
VFreeformVault22KeelyTopic034 How am I supposed to survive that? Neutral 50 That does pose a problem, doesn't it? 67
How am I supposed to survive that? Neutral 50 If you could seal yourself inside a room before the explosion went off, you might be protected from the blast. 68
Neutral 50 Then again, the flames will probably blow into the rooms down there. Maybe if there were a room that was reinforced... 69
Neutral 50 Well, I'm sure you'll figure something out. 70
VFreeformVault22KeelyTopic035 Blast? Neutral 50 Yes, there'll be an explosion when the gas is ignited. But I'm sure you'll be fine. Now leave me to my work. 71
VFreeformVault22KeelyTopic036 Has your research here turned up anything interesting? Neutral 50 A few things here and there, but a lot of the data has been corrupted, and all of the live samples have been contaminated by the spore plants. 72
Neutral 50 One interesting thing I found is that one of the chemicals secreted by the spore plants serves as a mild stimulant when ingested by humans. 73
Neutral 50 As far as I can tell, it has no side effects or addictive properties, aside from the inherent psychological ones, of course. 74
Neutral 50 Now that I think of it, there was a Cpl. Farber back at McCarran who'd probably be interested in it. There's a sample of it around here somewhere. {Cpl. = Corporal} 75
VFreeformVault22KeelyTopic037 And? Neutral 50 What? Do I have to figure everything out for you? Fine, let me think for a second. 76
VFreeformVault22KeelyTopic038 No way. I'm not going to torch myself for your amusement. Neutral 50 It would be pretty funny, wouldn't it? Oh, don't look at me that way. I'm sure you'll be fine. 77
VFreeformVault22KeelyTopic039 Where did these plants come from? Neutral 50 From what I've been able to determine, the scientists here managed to breed them by combining traits from two distinct plant species. 78
Neutral 50 The resulting hybrid proved more adaptable than expected, however, and soon became a threat to humans. 79
Neutral 50 It's sad, really. All those wonderful minds, undone by their own irresponsibility. 80
VFreeformVault22KeelyTopic040 How did you get this whole gas thing set up so quickly? Neutral 50 That's a very good question! Actually, I didn't come up with it. The systems were already set up to pump the gas when I first arrived here. 81
Neutral 50 I believe the scientists were in the process of attempting to ignite the gas just as we're about to do. And by we, I mean you, of course. 82
VFreeformVault22KeelyTopic041 What happened to the scientists, then? Neutral 50 Something prevented them from igniting the gas, obviously. I suppose it's possible that the gas triggered some kind of defensive reaction. 83
Neutral 50 Hordes of previously slumbering creatures may have awoken and entered a killing frenzy, ripping the hapless scientists into quivering, bloody chunks. 84
Neutral 50 You'll have to let me know when you get back from going downstairs. 85
VFreeformVault22KeelyTopic042 What were you doing down in that cave? Neutral 50 The mantises and spore plants virtually ignored me for most of the time that I've been here. 86
Neutral 50 It was only once I began to investigate the fifth level that my presence began to agitate them. I guess I was a little too close to home for them. 87
Neutral 50 A few days ago, I was attacked by a large number of mantises and was knocked unconscious. When I woke up, I was in that cave. 88
Neutral 50 The mantises seem to feed some of their prey to the plants. Fortunately for me, it appears the plants are disinclined to eat ghoul meat. 89
VFreeformVault22KeelyTopic043 Why is the door to the entrance locked? Neutral 50 Are you kidding me? This place is under quarantine! We can't let a single spore get out of this place if we can help it. 90
VFreeformVault22KeelyTopic044 That data is valuable to me. Neutral 50 What do you mean? 91
VFreeformVault22KeelyTopic045 Do you know how many caps I can get for it? Neutral 50 Ah, I should have known. Well, in that case... 92
VFreeformVault22KeelyTopic046 In the right hands, it could do a lot of good. I'll see it gets there. Neutral 50 I suppose you've given me no reason not to trust you. Fine, take the data and go. I hope you know what you're doing. 93
VFreeformVault22KeelyTopic047 I did download some files earlier while exploring the vault. Neutral 50 Those files need to be erased. Hold out your arm and I'll have it done in a flash. 94
VFreeformVault22KeelyTopic049 Are these files valuable? Neutral 50 To someone, I'm sure. But they constitute a threat to life as we know it. Now give me your arm already. 95
VFreeformVault22KeelyTopic050 My friend is part of a group that can develop it into something safe everyone can benefit from. Neutral 50 I suppose you've given me no reason not to trust you. Fine, take the data and go. I hope you know what you're doing. 96
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