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You're not from around here. Who're you?— Katja questioning the Vault Dweller's origin

Katja is a scavenger living in the Boneyard in the year of 2161.


Katja is a slender young woman with a smudged face and dark clothing.[1] She is a scavenger from Adytum who occasionally camps out with the Followers of the Apocalypse in the Boneyard Library, even though she does not have a high opinion of them.[2] She hates dogs, and will express this disdain out loud every time the Vault Dweller examines or pets Dogmeat.[3] She is also a possible companion to the Vault Dweller.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is a permanent companion.
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This character starts quests.


Effects of player's actions

  • If the player has made Shady Sands hostile, Katja will be hostile as well before any attempt to recruit her, even though she claims she hass never heard of it.

Other interactions

  • Katja is a recruitable NPC located in the Boneyard Library. She can be recruited simply by being asked to join. Afterward, she can be used to lockpick closed doors. She is also a decent ally with some small arms (e.g. .223 pistol, 14mm pistol, 10mm SMG. Sprite limitations prohibit her from using 10mm pistol and Desert Eagle .44).
  • She is highly skilled with a power fist or a Ripper, typically capable of dealing huge amounts of damage with those weapons. Her biggest drawbacks are her low Strength and HP, that she has a below average Carry Weight, and that she will often need to be supplied with stimpaks to be able to endure some battles, especially so as the game progresses.
  • She can mark the location of the Cathedral on the Vault Dweller's map.

Tell me about

Katja's Tell me abouts
Query Response
Merchants, Police, Experiments, Lieutenant, Razlo, Aradesh, Military, Vats, Scribes, Seth, Tolya, Petrox, Gwen, Diana, Alya, Tandi, Khans, Paladins, Initiates, Exodus, Casino, Gizmo, Killian, Vault 13 overseer, Boneyard Library, Hall, Watershed, Set, Unity, Master, Garl I don't know any more about that than you do.
Boneyard The Angel's Boneyard is all that's left of the old city of Los Angeles. Mostly divided among warring factions, these days.
War The War brought misery and death all over the world. I sure hope that something like that never happens again. But from what've seen, there's not much hope for humanity.
Adytum Adytum used to be my home, but those people are just too paranoid and reclusive. They'll never survive by withdrawing from the world.
Followers The Followers of the Apocalypse preach peace and tolerance. Too bad it just doesn't cut it in this world.
Cathedral The Cathedral is a monumental structure south of Adytum by about a day's walk or so. It's run by a weird cult that worships some sort of dark god.
Chip, Water I don't know where you could find such a relic of old technology.
Necropolis What, the city of the dead? Isn't that a myth?
Medic The Followers have a medic on hand at all times.
Healing You should go see the medic at the Followers if you need healing.
Vault, Vault-13, Vault13 Weren't the Vaults like big underground shelters?
Junktown Um, small town north of the Hub, I think.
Shady Shady what?
Sands Shady Sands? Never heard of it.
The Hub The Hub's a huge trading center, with all sorts of stores and merchants.
Store The Gun Runners sell stuff, and there's a store in Adytum.
Deathclaw Ugh! The Deathclaws are all over in the Boneyard. I'd rather not even

think about them. Huge and aptly named.

Children I don't like kids.
Brotherhood I hear they're some sort of high-tech monks.
Base I suppose there must be some remnants of the old military.
Apocalypse You mean the big war? Wow, you sure have led a sheltered life if you

don't know anything about that.

Mutants I've seen a rat with three eyes once. That's about all I know about


Morpheus I think he's a High Priest for the Cathedral, or something.
Booze No thanks.
Chems Ugh. No, I'd rather not. I watched a friend die from an overdose of Psycho once. Not pretty.
Zimmerman He's the mayor of Adytum. A fair, if somewhat vacillating, man.
Regulators They watch over Adytum and keep it under control.
Scavs I used to be a scav. We'd go out at night and try to find useful stuff in the ruins of the Boneyard. Very dangerous job. I got sick of Adytum, though.
Blades They're a group of cast-offs who live outside of Adytum.
Nicole She's the leader of the Followers. An intelligent woman, and good hearted, too.
Psychics I get "feminine intuition" occasionally, if that's what you mean.
Merchants Merchants trade with Adytum occasionally, and sell to the Gun Runners.


Apparel Weapon Other items
Katja's leather jacket (equivalent to combat armor) 5x Throwing knife 2x Stimpaks


She has the Big Guns and Energy Weapons skills tagged, but her sprite lacks animation frames for them.


Katja appears only in Fallout.


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  2. Katja: "The Followers of the Apocalypse are a group of peace-preachers who live in a large library near the heart of the Boneyard. Why they haven't been wiped out yet I can't say. They are lousy combatants and have no understanding of the real world, but other than that they are polite and well-educated."
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  3. Katja: "I hate dogs."
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