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Kasumi's projects are seven holotapes in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


The tapes can be found around the Nakano residence in various locations:

  • The holotapes tape is sitting on a holotape player next to the front door, with a lit lamp sitting on it.
  • The television tape is sitting on a Radiation King television near the front door of the house.
  • The lamp tape is located on a dresser in the upstairs hallway, next to a shadeless and yellow lamp.
  • The kitchen tape is sitting on the kitchen counter under the mechanical mixer.
  • The radio holotape is sitting on a desk in Kasumi's room, among some tools and electrical components.
  • The swings holotape may be found sitting between the swing set and red rocket ride outside the house, on the stones.
  • The dreams holotape is tucked under Kasumi's bed in her room on the second floor of the house, near the dresser.



Kasumi Nakano: Uh... Hello? Testing? *cough* Project log. Holotape player. Managed to strip out the parts from this thing and make something that's easier to move around. Granddad always said you need to make a record when you start something. You know, in case you have to go back to it. So... I guess I'm going to start doing that. Maybe I should start with an inventory of all the parts I found?
Rei Nakano: Kasumi! Your father needs help with the boat.
Kasumi Nakano: I'll be right there! Oh... damn. Was I recording that? *sigh*


Kasumi Nakano: Project log. Radiation King television. Mom says these things actually used to broadcast pictures and sounds back before the War. She also mentioned that some of the ruins of the television studios are still around if you head into the city. Of course she wasn't too happy when I asked if we could make a trip out there. *sigh* I'm getting off track. I managed to repair the Vacuum tubes and got the power working again, but, well it's not like there's any working signal for this thing to receive. I'm just going to start stripping this thing for parts moving forward.


Kasumi Nakano: Project log. Lamp. Yep. It's a lamp. Filament plus power equals light. I swear sometimes I think my parents break these things just to keep me busy.


Kasumi Nakano: Project log. Kitchen mixer. The circuits are still good, but all the mechanical parts are rusted through. Maybe I can...
Kenji Nakano: All right everyone, I'll be back in a few days. Was there anything else we needed from the city?
Kasumi Nakano: Wait, you're going now? *clang* Oww... Wait, dad, I could come with you!
Kenji Nakano: I... It's better if I go alone, Kasumi. Don't worry, I have your list.
Kasumi Nakano: You don't know what half that list is, dad. I can help you. Really! I'll be...
Kenji Nakano: I said no! I... *breathes* I'm sorry... You're safe here, okay? Just stay put for me.
Kasumi Nakano: *sigh* Okay...
Kenji Nakano: I know you're disappointed, but I won't be long. I love you.
Kasumi Nakano: *sigh* I love you too, dad.


Kasumi Nakano: Project log. Radio. Correction: working radio! I'll finally get some news outside this house. My handle is going to be... Let's go with Ohm's Law. That should confuse the creeps, and if someone actually gets the reference, then we'll at least have circuitry in common...


Kasumi Nakano: Project log. Swings. Re-attached the chains. A little rusted, and I'm way too old for them, now, but it was a nice distraction, I guess. It's funny. You know I never played on these swings growing up, even when I was little. At least, I don't remember...


Kasumi Nakano: Project log. Dreams. Recording what I can remember when I wake up. I keep having the same one. I'm in a white room. People are talking about me like I'm not there, or maybe they just don't care. And then there's this... I don't know... Jolt. Like a spark of electricity to the back of my head. And then everyone turns to look at me. God... I hope I don't have it again tonight...

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