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For an overview of the game mechanic across titles, see Karma.


Karma in Fallout 2 is the reflection of choices made during games and how they are perceived by the inhabitants of the wasteland.


Joining the reputation game mechanic, Karma is measured in points. Classified by three types, good, neutral, and evil, the player character always start a new game with 0 Karma points, which is considered neutral. Wasteland inhabitants will behave differently toward the player character depending upon Karma, and it serves as a factor in unlocking certain dialogue options and game endings. Wanted posters with the player characters name on them will also be put up across numerous locations if they have evil Karma.



Karma status is defined by title, depending on one's Karma points.

  • Defender, +250 Karma points
  • Shield of Hope, +500 Karma points
  • Guardian of the Wastes, +750 Karma points
  • Savior of the Damned, +1000 Karma points
  • Betrayer, -250 Karma points
  • Sword of Despair, -500 Karma points
  • Scourge of the Wastes, -750 Karma points
  • Demon Spawn, -1000 Karma points


The recruitment of companions is impacted by Karma:

  • Lenny disbands if the Chosen One has evil Karma.
  • John Cassidy: will not join someone with evil Karma.
  • Marcus: will not join anyone with evil Karma.

Behind the scenes

Three of the Karma images reference superheroes, each from a different comic company. "Defender" references Batman of DC Comics, "Shield of Hope" references Captain America from Marvel Comics, and "Demon Spawn" references Spawn, published by Image Comics.