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Karl's journal is a miscellaneous item and a note in Fallout: New Vegas.


It is a journal owned by Karl. It can be used to discredit him in Papa Khan's eyes for the quest Oh My Papa.


It is found in a footlocker inside of the room to the left of Papa Khan's room in the Great Khan longhouse.


This journal consists of detailed records and observations from Karl's time with the Great Khans. Many of the entries go into great detail about his opinion of their 'savage, barbarous customs,' and at several points he waxes philosophic about how it is very likely that Caesar's Legion will have to execute the lot of them.

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  • The journal will be listed in the Items section of the Pip-Boy as well as the Data section and remain there as a quest item.
  • If the Great Khans are convinced that Karl thinks less of them without using the journal, it will be considered a quest item without a use.
  • If the journal is collected before Oh My Papa has started, it will allow the Courier to start the quest when speaking to Papa Khan.