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The Kanawha Nuka-Cola plant is a location in the Forest region of Appalachia.


Before the war, Kanawha Nuka-Cola Plant was the regional marketing and research and development facility to test how the people of Appalachia liked their upcoming products, such as the codenamed products, "Whale Shark", "Orca", and "Albatross", as well as Nuka-Cola Quantum, Nuka-Cola Black, Nuka-Cola Orange, and Nuka-Cola Quartz.[1] It also partook in the development of the beverage that would become Nuka-Cola Cranberry.[2][3] By 2103, the plant would become instrumental in the Vault 76 overseer's plan to create a widespread means of inoculation to the Scorched Plague.


There are two entrances to the Kanawha Nuka-Cola plant, both surrounded by low-level Scorched or feral ghouls. There is the main entrance and the shipping entrance. Heading through the main entrance will lead to a reception area while going through the shipping area will lead to the factory floor.

Through the main entrance is a small reception area and proceeding forward up a small staircase and through a large doorway there is a large open lobby consisting of numerous labs and tasting areas, there is one lab on the right of the room next to a tasting area and a utility tunnel leading to the factory floor while on the left is a storage area. Around five Scorched can spawn in the main lobby area. There are two staircases on the right and left leading up to the labs and catwalk and at the end of the lobby is another doorway leading to the factory level, a much grimier, concrete, area filled with a number of Scorched.

On the opposite side of the factory is the shipping area which is guarded by two Protectrons who will shoot the scorched nearby but are also hostile to players. Once getting past the Protectrons there is a door inside of a control pod leading to the factory floor. Upon entering the factory floor there are a number of conveyor belts and industrial machines, although there is no Nuka-Cola found anywhere around the factory. At the back of the factory floor in a secluded area is a network of utility tunnels leading to the employee break room, the lobby area, more of the factory floor and also a small room with two fusion generators, one with a fusion core inside of it.

Notable loot

Notes and holotapes
  • Blank feedback form - Note, on the counter of one of the booths in the taste testing area on the second floor.
  • NCB02-A6A1 feedback form - Note, on the counter of one of the booths in the taste testing area on the second floor.
  • NCQ17-JH1A feedback form - Note, on the counter of one of the booths in the taste testing area on the second floor.
  • Nuka-Cola marketing memo - Note, on a counter near the open safe in the Flavor Profile Ops room on the second floor.
  • Clara's note to Alexis - Note, in a locked metal box next to a level 3 locked safe in the locked pantry of the Snackability R&D laboratory on the second floor.
  • Product brainstorming 1 - Holotape, on the table in the Flavor Profile Ops room on the second floor.
  • Wild Appalachia NCX13-GP01 feedback form - Note, on the counter of one of the booths in the taste testing area on the second floor.
  • Wild Appalachia My advice - Note, in the first room entered from a roof hatch, behind the large console.
  • TNT dome key 3 - Key, in a locker, lying on the floor at the end of the hall in Snackability Research and Development, must be opened with the Nuka-Cola locker key. Unlocks a storage unit at Black Mountain Ordnance Works.
  • Wild Appalachia Paired keycard 01 - Key, found on the floor behind the door of a bathroom stall marked "out of order."
Other loot
  • Three potential Vault-Tec bobbleheads:
    • In the upstairs Snackability R&D laboratory, in a blue maintenance structure attached to the ceiling of the sunken loading dock, on the mainframe computer.
    • In the upstairs Snackability R&D laboratory, on a metal shelf inside the locked pantry.
    • In the locker room between the two largest chambers of the plant, in an open locker.
  • Three potential magazines:
    • In the production section of the plant, on the gantry above a yellow forklift, near the large interior doorway, on a small wood crate next to a tool chest. The gantry can only be accessed by climbing on the yellow forklift machine in the middle of the sunken loading dock.
    • Inside the security corridor near the ladder to the roof, half-hidden behind the white mainframe computer bank.
    • In a locked cage room in the basement near the fusion core generator room, on a cabinet next to a yellow sink and a duffle bag.
  • Three fusion cores:
    • One inside of a generator in the back of the factory floor.
    • One inside of a generator on the roof of the plant.
    • One inside the locked cage next to the generator room.
  • Power armor chassis with T-series armor pieces - At the power armor station in the basement areas of the plant.
  • Eight nuclear waste containers can be found here.
  • Large amounts of aluminum, glass and nuclear material can be found.


The Kanawha Nuka-Cola plant appears only in Fallout 76.

Behind the scenes

Inside the plant, there is a bronze Earth with a circling rocket stylized as a Nuka-Cola bottle. This is a reference to the logo of Interplay Entertainment, the original publishers of Fallout and Fallout 2.