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The Kanawha County Cemetery is a location in the Forest region of Appalachia.


Sometime after the Great War, the congregation at Kanawha church ingested rat poison as part of a suicide pact.[1] In the years since, the chapel has become a hotbed of cultist activity, including human sacrifice.[2]


Kanawha Church[3] sits prominently on the south side of the Kanawha County Cemetery, up a hill from the parking lot and overlooking the cemetery. Inside are several shrines to a twisted god, along the walls and at the altar. Skeletons of worshipers can still be found in the pews where they died. Ten drinking glasses are lined up on a low bench beneath the altar, next to canisters of rat poison. The second floor and the roof of the church house another shrine. A path has been built from the second floor walkway up to the shrine built on the rooftop and spire. This shrine has the skeleton of a person impaled on a spike before it. The stairs lead up to the church spire where a set of pastor's vestments sit beside an ammo box, but the spire stairs cannot be reached directly from the second floor walkway because they are blocked by tree growth.

The cemetery is sprawling and its main feature is a large tomb in the center. The tomb has been converted into a makeshift camp since the bombs dropped. Inside is a cooking station beside a sleeping bag. The tomb also contains a first aid, footlocker and a suitcase.

There are also a few sheds dotted around the cemetery. A shed to the north contains a shrine surrounded by candles. A small shed to the east contains five bags of cement, three bags of fertilizer, three paint cans, a large toolbox and a shovel.

While once home to only insects, the Cultists have reclaimed the area since returning to Appalachia, building new shrines in hopes of appeasing the Mothman. They seem to have done something right, as one of the sheds on the property is filled with Mothman eggs. The area also contains resource nodes for soot flowers, firecaps, rhododendrons, and tatos.

Notable loot

  • Wastelanders Letter - Note, on a desk on the second floor of the church.
  • Wastelanders Sermon notes - Note, on the tipped over pulpit inside of the church.
  • Wastelanders Kanawha mausoleum key - Key, next to the Letter on the desk on the second floor of the church. The mausoleum is in the center of the cemetery.
  • Potential magazine - In the church on a pew.


The Kanawha County Cemetery appears only in Fallout 76.



  1. Containers of rat poison found next to the glasses and pitcher toward the front of the church. A glass is found next to each of the skeletons.
  2. The impaled body found in the upstairs back room
  3. Letter