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Icon cut content.pngThe following is based on Fallout 2 cut content.
I will dedicate myself to your destruction.

Kaga is a cut character in Fallout 2.


Arroyo did not have just a single Chosen One. Kaga was the previous candidate, cast out from the village and the tribe for his evil deeds. He believes the actual Chosen One to be the source of all his misery and promised to take revenge on them, in any way possible.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7] He would also destroy Arroyo, burning it to the ground, should he succeed.[8]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character offers miscellaneous services.

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Apparel Weapon Other items
None (1st encounter)

Leather Armor (2nd encounter)

Metal Armor(3rd encounter)

Combat Armor (4th encounter)

Power armor MKII (5th encounter)
5 spears (1st encounter)

14mm pistol(2nd encounter)

Assault rifle (3rd encounter)

Minigun (4th encounter)

Gatling laser with ammo, 3 Plasma grenades(5th encounter)
Bag with 1 Super Stimpak and $1000 (1st encounter)

Bag with an empty assault Rifle and $250 (2nd encounter)

Bag with an empty Minigun and $500(3rd encounter)

Bag with an empty laser Rifle – no ammo $1000 (4th encounter)

5 Stimpaks, bag containing a pulse Rifle and $5000(5th encounter)


Kaga was to appear in Fallout 2 but he was cut from the final game.

Behind the scenes

  • Kaga was meant to be a progressive character, encountered by the player character throughout the game as an aspiring bandit and a sort of competitive character, bent on killing the player character. Since he has above average hit and action points, the player character would be unable to kill him outright.[9]
  • Kaga would appear in a total of five encounters, retreating from the first four and fighting to the death in the fifth one. Of course, if the player character kills Kaga, he would not appear again. Likewise, it would be possible to encounter Kaga in later regions, and the player character would not encounter a lower level Kaga again.[9]
    • The first encounter would appear in the Arroyo area or near the Arroyo-Klamath corridor, in an Outcasts random encounter. Kaga would flee after receiving one hit.[10]
    • The second encounter would happen near Modoc, in a Bandits random encounter. Kaga would flee after taking 75 points of damage.[10]
    • The third encounter would take place among Raiders, near the Redding-New Reno caravan route. Kaga would flee after taking 100 points of damage.[10]
    • The fourth encounter would take place near NCR, among Marauders. Kaga would flee after taking 100 points of damage.[10]
    • The fifth and final encounter would occur around San Francisco. Kaga would fight to the death.[10]


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