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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Klamath townsperson (Buckner House).


{100}{}{You see someone who could be a trapper.}
{101}{}{You see someone relaxing.}
{102}{}{You see a townsperson.}
{103}{}{You see a worker relaxing.}
{104}{}{You see a person enjoying a drink.}
{106}{}{You see a bar patron. They look happy and content.}
{107}{}{You see a patron. They look well-fed and healthy.}
{108}{}{You see a patron quietly talking to someone nearby.}
{109}{}{You see a patron quietly drinking a mug of beer.}
{110}{}{You see a patron chuckling to themselves over something.}
{120}{}{You're in the wrong tavern, ain't ya?}
{121}{}{We don't need troublemakers here.}
{122}{}{Tribals always mean trouble.}
{123}{}{Jist as long as you don't get too much firewater in you...}
{124}{}{(mumble, mumble)'sorry ass outa town...}
{125}{}{Another one of Dunton's gang.}
{126}{}{What are you looking at?}
{127}{}{Just keep moving.}
{128}{}{Buy us all a round of drinks, newcomer.}
{129}{}{Hope you can hold your liquor.}
{130}{}{You don't look like a cannibal.}
{131}{}{No room for the likes of you.}
{132}{}{Too many strangers lately.}
{133}{}{Well at least your teeth ain't filed into points.}
{134}{}{There goes the neighborhood.}
{135}{}{Aren't you supposed to have a bone through your nose?}
{136}{}{(looks at you and then shakes his head)}
{137}{}{(makes a subtly rude gesture)}
{138}{}{You're probably the one responsible for them brahmin mutilations.}
{139}{}{Some of our hunters' have gone missing; you're prob'ly why.}
{140}{}{There's been bugmen creeping around town.}
{141}{}{There's a spirit in a canyon East of town.}
{142}{}{Don't let the Walking Spirit getcha!}
{143}{}{You better not steal our brahmin.}
{144}{}{We're keeping an eye on you.}
{150}{}{Nice to see someone new in town.}
{151}{}{I guess tribals ain't so bad after all.}
{152}{}{Buy us a round of drinks!}
{153}{}{Hello there.}
{154}{}{You could be Sulik's twin.}
{155}{}{You say hello to Sulik yet?}
{156}{}{Trapping's good lately.}
{157}{}{Weather's getting ready to turn, I guess.}
{158}{}{Got me a good trapline south of here.}
{159}{}{If you're smart, you'll stay away from the Duntons.}
{160}{}{If your anxious, try the Bathhouse.}
{161}{}{Head west to Trapper Town, if you want a place to sack out later.}
{162}{}{Welcome, friend.}
{163}{}{Hope you like our city.}
{164}{}{Klamath is the place to be.}
{165}{}{Nice to have you here.}
{166}{}{(raises a mug to you)}
{167}{}{(winks at you)}
{168}{}{Don't go wandering at night.}
{169}{}{There's bugmen out in the hills.}
{170}{}{One of our best trappers is missing.}
{201}{}{Well, that sure wet my whistle.}
{203}{}{Mmm-mm, good.}
{204}{}{Nothing like Buckner's Best.}
{205}{}{Thanks for the brew.}
{207}{}{Tribals know what's best in life.}
{208}{}{Thank you.}
{209}{}{Thanks, friend.}
{210}{}{I sure needed that. Thanks.}
{211}{}{Thanks a million!}
{212}{}{Rather have a bottle in front of me'.}
{213}{}{Much obliged, friend.}
{215}{}{Yes! I was waiting for that.}
{216}{}{I thought you'd never ask.}
{217}{}{Thanks, friend.}
{218}{}{Just like Sulik.}

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