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The K.D. Inkwell outfit is an outfit in the Fallout 76 update Steel Dawn.


A white collared shirt and black double breasted vest, worn with with a part of brown pants, kneepads, and tall lace up boots. Just below neckline on the back of the vest is a small metal badge bearing the Guild of Antiquities Pegasus emblem, and on the front right collar there is a smaller metal pin of the emblem. The sleeves of the shirt are rolled up above the elbows, and the pants are tucked into the boots. The left arm has a small technological instrument strapped to the bicep, and there is a brown leather pair of suspenders and matching tactical harness, which attach several pouches and, on the right hip, a large technological instrument.


Crafting of the outfit is unlocked upon reaching rank 98 of the third season.

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K.D. Inkwell outfit (1)


Craftable at any armor workbench.