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It's a great way to get back at those assholes out there who think we're losers. If it wasn't for Vance, I'd still be getting the crap beat out of me by those guards in Rivet City.

Justin is a member of the Family in 2277.


Since the age of fourteen, Justin has been a member of the Family, and is a great admirer of Vance, who saved him from an Enclave patrol of the wasteland. Justin is a firm believer in the vampire stories that Vance speaks of and helps preach these stories to his fellow Family members. He is eager, headstrong, and very friendly to those he does not perceive as a threat. Justin feels a close affinity with Ian West, who was recently brought into The Family. The affinity almost borders on love, and he is often found sitting and speaking to the disillusioned Ian.[1]

Justin mentions that if it were not for Vance, the guards at Rivet City would still be beating him.

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Justin appears only in Fallout 3.