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Justice Bloc HQ security tapes is a holotape in Fallout: New Vegas.


It can be found in Vault 11's living quarters, on Roy Gottlieb's personal terminal in a room on the lower level, just above mid-center map.


Roy Gottlieb: She can't do this.
Voice 2: It's done. We're done.
Roy Gottlieb: Nothing's done.
Voice 2: She's got the authority. The only thing she can't do is change her own fate. Nothing says she can't change the selection process for future overseers.
Roy Gottlieb: I say she can't.
Voice 2: You shouldn't have toyed with her like that, Roy.
Roy Gottlieb: We still have the majority.
Voice 2: We don't vote for anything anymore.
Roy Gottlieb: I'm not talking about voting.
Voice 2: What then? You want to have a sit-in? A Hunger strike?
Roy Gottlieb: Not exactly.
Voice 2: Maybe march into her office with torches and pitchforks?
Roy Gottlieb: Yes.
Voice 2: Come on.
Roy Gottlieb: I mean it.
Voice 2: What, start a revolution?
Roy Gottlieb: Laws don't outlast their governments.
Voice 2: Roy, all we have to do is wait until someone from Justice Bloc gets picked for overseer. Then we have them change the law back.
Roy Gottlieb: There won't be any blocs after the new overseer is picked tomorrow. Everyone's going to move on. By the time we've reformed, who knows if we'll still be in the majority.
Voice 2: We can hold the bloc together.
Roy Gottlieb: You don't know that. Besides, what if the computer picks you? What if it picks me?
Voice 2: And your solution is to start shooting?
Roy Gottlieb: Not if we don't have to. Look, we arm up. We go to the lower floors, take some strategic targets. Power, food, water. Just until she turns authority over to us.
Voice 2: The other blocs won't support it. They're tired of us having the power.
Roy Gottlieb: We have the majority. We don't need them.
Voice 2: This isn't a vote, Roy. They'll fight back.
Roy Gottlieb: They've never had the nerve.
Voice 2: Hell of a way to test it.