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I'll be able to charge even more for it than I was originally planning. The only thing left to do is set up shop in one of the towns on the surface. None too soon! These filthy raiders have been my bane, and after these long months, I'm as destitute as the worst of them.Ryan Brigg, Jury St. tunnels terminal entries

Jury St. tunnels is a tunnel system that can be reached through the Jury St. station.


In the tunnels, one will find an assortment of common loot (ammunition, crafting tools, food etc.), and large quantities of mole rat meat and wonderglue. This is due to Ryan Brigg's attempts to create a better tasting mole rat meat. It appears that he (with much distaste) joined a group of raiders to further his studies (by having them guard his laboratory and fetch him supplies), eventually becoming their leader by paying them for any mole rat meat and wonderglue they might find. Unfortunately for the raiders, Brigg's experiments also seem to have increased the aggressiveness of the mole rat colony living inside the tunnels, leading to frequent attacks against the raiders' positions. Pumpkin is a notable exception, being a tame mole rat that Ryan Brigg keeps in a cage in his laboratory.

Ryan Brigg's Wonder Meat

In the small room in the northeast of the tunnels you will find Brigg's wonder meat maker. With this one can combine wonderglue and mole rat meat to get a piece of mole rat wonder meat.


Notable loot

  • A copy of Lying, Congressional Style on top of Ryan Brigg's safe.
  • A Nuka-Cola Quantum next to Ryan Brigg's terminal (Easy) in his room.
  • There are five bottles of wonderglue in the room near the wonder meat maker on the shelves and table.
  • There are seven pieces of mole rat meat: Three on the table next to the wonder meat maker and four pieces on the table next to the dead mole rat.
  • There are six blood packs in the room with the wonder meat maker on the shelves and another next to Ryan Brigg's terminal.


The Jury St. tunnels appears only in Fallout 3.