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I'll be able to charge even more for it than I was originally planning. The only thing left to do is set up shop in one of the towns on the surface. None too soon! These filthy raiders have been my bane, and after these long months, I'm as destitute as the worst of them.Ryan Brigg, Jury St. tunnels terminal entries

Jury St. station is part of the metro system under the Capital Wasteland. This tunnel has an entrance at the map marker Jury Street Metro station, and goes deeper into the Jury St. tunnels, but is a dead end due to partially collapsed tunnels. It is inhabited by approximately six raiders.


Coming from the north, through the Jury Street Metro station entrance, there's a typical former waiting area which has now been occupied by raiders. Down the stairs, the metro passage north is completely blocked.

Through the rubble it's possible to head south between the two metro directions. Along the way are some small raider hide-outs with two Jury St. tunnels exits.

Notable loot

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Jury St. station appears only in Fallout 3.