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Junktown is one of the smaller towns in southern California. It was founded soon after the War by a soldier called Darkwater[1]. Instead of the ruins of an old town, he thought it would be better to begin from the ground up. As the name suggests, it was built after the Great War out of random pieces of junk, mostly of broken cars. The town mostly lives out of trading and has a reputation of open hospitality.

Around 2161, the mayor of Junktown was Killian Darkwater, grandson of the town's founder, who also ran a general store, Dark Waters. Another big player in the town was Gizmo, a small-time crook and casino owner. While Gizmo's casino brought a lot of tourists and money into the town, problems also came with it. Other important places in Junktown at that time included Crash-House Inn, home to the Skulz and the Skum Pitt, a bar owned by Neal. Doc Morbid was the town's doctor. Tycho, a Wasteland Ranger, also resided in Junktown for a while at that time.

Drawing weapons in town is not permitted except in self-defense. The gates to the town are closed in the night. In 2161, Lars headed the guards in Junktown, working for Killian Darkwater. The gates were guarded by Kalnor. They also had a jail, which is guarded by Andrew. The guards were aware of the illegal activities of Gizmo and the Skulz, but they didn't want to act without proper evidence.

In 2161, Gizmo hired a man to assasinate Killian, in order to gain full control over the town. Unfortunately for him, in December 2161 Gizmo was eventually killed by a man known as the Vault Dweller, who earlier helped Killian gather evidence of Gizmo's involvement in the assasination plot. He left the town after a while, taking with him his new companion, a dog which he called Dogmeat. Killian then took firm control of Junktown, drove out the last of Gizmo's kind, and then enforced his own brand of frontier justice.

By 2241, Junktown has become a member of the New California Republic. Currently, it is part of the state Shady[2].


  • But this is not a city of open hospitality. If you desire that, go to Junktown. - Aradesh of Shady Sands
  • My father used to tell me stories about the War. His father was a soldier before starting Junktown. - Killian Darkwater
  • You'd better put that away. Junktown is a friendly place, friend, and we want to keep it that way. - Kalnor, a Junktown guard
  • Junktown is a little south and a ways west. It's smaller, but still a good place to drop in for a drink. It's overseen by a fellow by the name of Killian Darkwater, the local shopkeeper, sheriff, and mayor. - Ian
  • Junktown's pretty tame. I prefer the more dangerous routes. - Keri of Crimson Caravan
  • It was here that I learned the most important rule of all: doing a good thing sometimes means being a very bad person. My memories of Junktown are tainted, and I feel no remorse for my actions in that place. - Vault Dweller's memoirs
  • Junktown was a city of traders (and traitors) - Vault Dweller's memoirs

Appearances in games

Junktown appears only in the first Fallout.

Behind the Scenes

The initial design for Junktown called for the ending cards of the city to be reversed. Specifically, if the player sided with Killian Darkwater, then Killian practiced his band of "frontier justice" and turned the city into a huddled shantytown living in fear. If the player sided with Gizmo, then the resulting prosperity brought in by Gizmo's casino led to the city becoming a new boom town. Ultimately, it was decided that this mixed message was unsatisfying because it meant that the expected results (a "good" ending for supporting Killian and the law, versus an "evil" ending for supporting Gizmo and his criminal enterprises) did not match the player's actions. The ending was subsequently changed so that supporting Killian led the town to prosper with law and order, while supporting Gizmo turned the town into a seedy den of iniquity.


  1. Killian says that his grandfather founded Junktown
  2. According Fallout Bible

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