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The junk extractor is a world object in Fallout 76.


Junk extractors are available to build at claimed public workshops or one's C.A.M.P. if the resource deposit is within the C.A.M.P. building zone. Plans for crafting it are automatically unlocked after completing a Claim Workshop event quest for the first time.

When connected to power, junk extractors produce 20 resources per hour. Extractors have a maximum storage capacity of two pounds and must be checked and emptied regularly in order for them to continue producing resources.


Copper (1)
Gears (1)
Steel (3)
Icon range
C.A.M.P. or Workshop
Icon level
Junk extractor (1)

Extractable resourcesEdit


Junk piles are found throughout Appalachia, where extractors can be built to increase its yield. Locations include:


Extractors can be locked by approaching them while in build mode, selecting "Lock" from the menu, and choosing one of four lock levels, much like locking a door. If a player character attempts to pick a lock on an extractor owned by another character, they will become wanted and will trigger turret defenses.


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