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Who needs armor when you've got so much junk?

Junk Shield is a Luck-based perk in Fallout 76.


To equip this perk card, one must be at least level 10. At max rank, carrying junk will result in gaining up to 30 Damage and Energy Resistance, with the exception of those wearing power armor.


Rank Description Form ID
1 Carry junk to gain up to 10 Damage and Energy Resistance. (No Power Armor) 003E21E6
2 Carry junk to gain up to 20 Damage and Energy Resistance. (No Power Armor) 003E21E8
3 Carry junk to gain up to 30 Damage and Energy Resistance. (No Power Armor) 003E21EA


  • The perk is affected by junk quantity, not by junk weight.
    • Carrying one to five pieces of junk gives one point of damage resistance, carrying six to 10 gives two points, 11 to 15 gives three points, and so on. The max resistance of 10 points (for rank one) is reached by carrying 46 or more pieces of junk.
    • The most ideal junk to carry is Cork scrap or Loose screws, as they are the lightest junk items in the game at 0.03 weight.
  • The damage resistance is additionally multiplied based on the rank of the perk; rank one is a single multiplier, while ranks two and three are double and triple multipliers, respectively.
  • Junk Shield is not the only Damage and Energy Resistance perk in Fallout 76, and similar perks may be used instead of or in addition to it, including:
  • Besides perks that have group effects, perks can be selected to be shared among team members. Each player can only choose one perk to be shared at a time, and the selected perk can be changed at any time during gameplay. However, the player must have a Charisma point level that is at least three times the rank of the perk card that is to be shared, regardless of what SPECIAL attribute the shared perk card belongs to. Shared perk cards will not stack effects if duplicates are equipped or shared.