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Sick of carrying around all that useless stuff? Load it into the Junk Jet, and shoot it at unsuspecting enemies. You haven't lived until you've killed someone with a teddy bear.Fallout 4 loading screens

The Junk Jet is a weapon in Fallout 4.


The Junk Jet was created by a ArcJet Systems technician who was belittled by his coworkers. Sick of being mocked for only having a high school education, regularly reading science magazines, and being the butt of jokes about him attending shop class, he decided to get revenge. He created the Junk Jet to showcase his skills, and to murder the engineers who were mocking him. Fortunately for his potential victims, he intended to use the Junk Jet on Monday, October 25, and the Great War that Saturday meant his revenge never happened.[1]


Similar to the Rock-It Launcher from Fallout 3, the Junk Jet fires any junk item loaded into its hopper, such as a wrench. Items must be loaded in manually, and fired items can be picked up after being shot, making this a ranged weapon with theoretically unlimited ammunition. In practice, however, items will (about 10% of the time) be lost upon contact with the enemy as they are no longer interactable. This sometimes results in flung items floating in the air with no support, unable to be picked up or moved.

The damage per shot and damage per second values are uncertain as the Junk Jet does much more damage if the shot is charged for approximately 1 second. It is unclear whether 40 damage is the base damage per shot or the charged damage. The statistics block is currently reflecting the base rate of fire of very nearly 1.666... shots/sec, times the listed damage. The time to charge up a shot is very close to 1 second, so the charged shots/sec is 0.625, but again, the exact damage is unclear.

The range limitations on the weapon are largely irrelevant as projectiles follow a parabolic trajectory, dropping significantly beyond effective pistol range. This makes the weapon impractical for long-range fire unless the shooter can 'lob' shots and still hit the target.

The weapon has no hard limit to its 'magazine' capacity. When reloading, the game pauses and a container interface is opened. Any junk item can be loaded into the Junk Jet. There does not seem to be a container limit (tested with approximately two thousand pieces weighting over five hundred weight units of junk), but the contained junk still counts against carry weight. Therefore, the practical ammunition capacity is highly subjective, as it is only dependent how much weight in junk one is willing to carry, and one can fire the weapon indefinitely without any reload needed until the hopper is exhausted. The ammunition counter will never show more than 999 no matter how much is loaded into the hopper.

One effective strategy for the Junk Jet is to use a common, light item. Steel works well, as one can quickly refill by scrapping near-worthless weapons at a workbench. Another strategy is to use something with zero carry-weight, such as pre-War money.

Weapon modifications

Slot Mod Description Weapon prefix Damage per shot change Fire rate change Range change Accuracy change Weight change Weapon value change in caps Perk needed Components Form ID
Barrel Short barrel Standard. Adhesive x2
Plastic x2
Screw x5
Steel x6
Long barrel Superior range and sighted accuracy. Better recoil. Poor hip-fire accuracy. Long +84 -1 +2.0 +20 Gun Nut 1 Adhesive x6
Plastic x3
Screw x10
Steel x13
Stock Standard stock Standard. Adhesive x6
Plastic x3
Screw x8
Steel x3
Recoil compensating stock Exceptional recoil. Recoil compensated +1 +1.5 +40 Adhesive x10
Aluminum x14
Rubber x3
Screw x12
Spring x11
Sights Standard sights Standard. Steel x2 0023A554
Gunner sight Better focus and sighted accuracy. Tactical +5 +0.2 +5 Adhesive x2
Plastic x1
Steel x3
Muzzle No muzzle
Electrification module Adds electrical damage to projectiles. Electrified +15 Energy +0.5 +70 Gun Nut 2
Science! 1
Adhesive x6
Gears x4
Oil x10
Plastic x6
Screw x4
Spring x6
Steel x12
Ignition module Adds fire damage to projectiles. Flaming +17 Fire +0.5 +130 Gun Nut 3
Science! 1
Adhesive x5
Gears x4
Oil x10
Plastic x4
Screw x4
Spring x5
Steel x12


  • In ArcJet Systems on the table in the rocket control room. Accessing the room requires accessing a terminal that needs Advanced hacking to crack, however, the Sole Survivor can find a way to access this terminal without having to hack it. There is a locked terminal that has the password in the same room or if one has Nick Valentine as a companion he can unlock the terminal. Only accessible after starting the quest Call to Arms.
  • Dropped by Manta Man in The Return of Manta Man! random encounter.


  • PCPC Xbox OneXbox One It can be impossible to load teddy bears into the Junk Jet - they can be unavailable as ammo. The likelihood of encountering this issue increases if you have more teddy bears, due to the fact that Fallout 4 has a number of teddy bears with different IDs. There are generic ones which can be used as ammo (IDs ff0124c4 and ff0124c5 for small variation) and few with unique IDs which can't, but both are kept in one stack in the player's inventory. To solve this, drop all your teddy bears on the ground and collect back only one pile (with the description "TEDDY BEAR (xx)"). The others can still be used as regular junk to build something - just avoid stacking them up with the "ammo" type.
    • There can only be one version of an item in one's inventory to load into the weapon. For example, if the player has ten regular teddy bears but one is stolen, the stolen one must be removed from the inventory, and the rest will be loadable. The same goes for other items, including pre-War money and Jangles the Moon Monkey.[verified]
  • PCPC It is sometimes impossible to damage ceiling mounted turrets with the Junk Jet.[verified]