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This is an overview article, focusing on background information and cross-game comparisons.

The Junk Jet is a weapon that appears in Fallout 4 and Fallout Shelter, but was cut from Fallout 76. A functionally similar weapon called the Rock-It Launcher appears in Fallout 3.


Rock-It Launcher

Rock-It Launcher.png

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An improvised weapon, schematics to make a Rock-It Launcher can be found in the Capital Wasteland. Made from a vacuum cleaner, leaf blower, firehose nozzle, and a conductor, the Rock-It Launcher uses miscellaneous items as ammunition.

Junk Jet

Fallout4 junk jet.png

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Created by a disgruntled ArcJet Systems technician, the Junk Jet is a prototype weapon that the technician intended to use to murder his coworkers.[1] It can be loaded with junk items as ammunition, and modified to ignite or electrify its ammunition as it leaves the barrel.


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