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The Junction 7 rest stop is a location in the Divide in 2281. It is located at the end of the High Road, down a slope to the right.


The location consists of two destroyed buildings, of which only one stands and has partially sunk into the ground. There is a variety of loot and a reloading bench in a similarly sunken building to the north, which has one of Ulysses' flag graffiti symbols on the roof. Various loot containers can be found in and atop this building: a broken refrigerator, a first aid box, a wooden crate with four bottles of beer and a pack of cigarettes, and three metal boxes with reloading supplies. Entering the building will spawn tunnelers around the back, and two deathclaws on the highway above. There is a suitcase at the end of the ledge behind the Smitty's sign which contains 20 pre-War money.

Notable loot[]


  • One of the warheads needed for the Warhead Hunter achievement/trophy/challenge is located here, near the inclined slope near the entrance.
  • There is a RALPHIE poster for the Feel Like a Kid Again challenge on the southeast corner, outside the building.


The Junction 7 rest stop appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road.