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In a perfect world, healthcare would be free... but since you've traveled through the Wastes out there, you know it's not a perfect world. Is it?

Doctor Julius[Non-canon 1][clarification needed] Banfield is the only doctor in Tenpenny Tower in 2277.


Banfield spends most of his days in the wellness center, tending to any patients who may stop in. He takes a break at noon to eat lunch at the Café Beau Monde and sometimes pops into the Federalist Lounge for a drink. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the good doctor is gone for long stretches at a time; that's when he goes upstairs to the penthouse suites to "examine" Susan Lancaster.[Non-canon 1]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is involved in quests.
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This character is a doctor.
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This character is a merchant. Bottle cap 60-240
Sells: consumables
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This character drops an ear upon death (Contract Killer).


  • Tenpenny Tower: Banfield has always wanted to experiment on ghouls so he can learn more about them but hasn't had the opportunity. As a result, Banfield is willing to allow ghouls to move into the tower so he can perform some tests on them. If the Lone Wanderer asks him about it, he will tell them that he has found, through research, that all ghouls will eventually become feral (though he also spouts this theory before the ghouls are let in).


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Doctor Banfield appears only in Fallout 3.