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This is a transcript for dialogue with Juliette.


# Dialogue Topic Form ID Player Prompt Response Text Script Notes
1 00548A5E 00548A65 GREETING Hi, Welcome to the Mountainside Bed & Breakfast.
2 0054F9A4 Miscellaneous Idles Enjoy your stay.
3 00577BFB I hope you like it here.
4 00577BFC We guarantee your safety.
5 00577C04 Watch out!
6 00577C05 We're going to die.
7 00577C06 They're attacking!
8 00577C0C I can't believed we survived.
9 00577C0D I'm afraid they're going to come back.
10 00548A5F 00548A62 How much for a room? You can stay the night for 5 caps.
11 00548A58 00548A61 What is this place? This is the best and most affordable bed and breakfast in the region.
12 0054B0DF 0054B100 Who runs this place? You're looking at her. I manage this place with my husband Hubert.
13 Be mindful around him please, he is very forgetful at this stage in his life.
14 0054B0DD 0054B0F5 I hope the breakfast part of this place still works? Of course, not only will you get a good nights sleep, but Hubert will feed you when wake up in the morning.
15 00548A5C 00548A66 I'll take it. Here are 5 caps. The room is upstairs to your right. Enjoy your stay.
16 00548A56 00548A64 I don't have enough caps. Come back if you can afford it.
17 00548A5A 00548A63 I'm not really interested. That's too bad.
18 0054E4C7 0054E4DF [Perception 12+] Something's not right. You look a little nervous? Keep your voice down. Cannibals have taken us hostage and are waiting for guests to rent a room.
19 Go down to the basement and ambush them if you want to live.
20 0059F58E 0054E4DE Ok, I'll deal with them. Good luck and be safe.
21 0054E4C1 0054E4E0 Hell no. You are on your own. They are holding us hostage.
22 0059F58E 0054E4D9 I'll take the room. A couple of cannibals don't scare me. Sounds dangerous, but good luck. The room is upstairs to your right.


# Dialogue Topic Form ID Player Prompt Response Text Script Notes
23 005A2B8E 00577C08 Miscellaneous Idles I had no choice. They were going to kill me.
24 00577C09 I thought I was going to die.
25 00577C0A Be careful. I'm sure there are more like em' out there.
26 005B5972 0054F9A5 Sorry, we are completely booked.