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This is a transcript for dialogue with Julie (Wastelanders).


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1 DRadioG_JulieScene01 0059B7EA Hey friends, Julie here. I-I wanted to take a second to talk about something important to me: this radio station.
2 0059B7EF I try not to talk about myself too much, but maybe you've heard me mention it before: I'm only 23, but I've had more than my share of bad times.
3 0059B7E8 I-I don't say that to get you to feel sorry for me. I know that so many of you out there have had difficult lives too. Some far, far harder than mine.
4 0059B7EE I say it because I want you to know I can relate. I know what it's like to lose family and friends. To struggle.
5 0059B7E7 But there's one thing that always kept me going, always meant something to me. It's this place. This radio station. This music.
6 0059B7ED These songs playing out across the world for everyone to hear...they mean so much to me.
7 0059B7E6 They remind me of good times, of people I care about. Things that really matter. They offer...hope. I know it's cheesy, but hey it's true!
8 0059B7EC When I heard that people were coming back to Appalachia, I knew I had to make the trip. To find this radio station and make sure it stays running.
9 0059B7E5 I'm not gonna act like it's mine, like, I own it or anything. I've fixed some times up, sure, but I didn't build Appalachia Radio. It doesn't belong to me.
10 0059B7EB But I want to make sure it stays on the air because...maybe it can give someone else hope. Maybe...Maybe that someone is you.
11 0059B7F0 So, I hope you hear this music, and it makes you smile, or makes you think of someone you care about. That's what it's here for. That's what I'm here for.
12 0059B7E9 ...I guess I should probably get back to actually playing all that music I keep talking about, huh? Ha ha.
13 RadioG_AppalachiaRadioID01 0059BF51 You're listening to Appalachia Radio, an enduring source of happiness in a sometimes unbelievable world.
14 0059BF52 One of the few things left in this world that hasn't been pulled apart for loose screws and circuit boards, this is Appalachia Radio!
15 0059BF53 Held together by duct tape, willpower, and a near-crippling fear of silence, this is Appalachia Radio.
16 0059BF54 From Clarksburg to Welch, from Flatwoods to Watoga, and everywhere in between, you're listening to Appalachia Radio!
17 0059BF55_1 Here at Appalachia Radio, I've recently gotten my hands on a Collectron. He is absolutely adorable, but has zero respect for personal boundaries.
18 0059BF55_2 [robot voice] Can I interest you in a block of concrete?
19 0059BF55_3 Oh my gosh, get OUT of here you big goofball!
20 0059BF56 You're listening to Appalachia Radio: It's like a Super Stimpak... for the soul. Hmm. That sounded better in my head.
21 RadioG_AndrewsSisters_StraightenUpAndFlyRight 0059B454 The Andrews Sisters here have a great message for us all. Maybe some more'n others, if we're bein' honest... Lookin' at you, Crater!
22 0059B479 Alright, can you imagine, three sisters all able to get along well enough to sing together? I wouldn't make it through a single song with my brother. No way! [laughs]
23 0059C7E6 And now, here are the very prolific Andrews Sisters with "Straighten Up and Fly Right."
24 0059C7EF I feel like we're missing some pretty crucial information in that story. Why on earth would the monkey agree to that ride in the first place? That's what I want to know!
25 RadioG_BeachBoys_WouldntItBeNice 0059B46D As soon as I hear that harp playing, I get all excited, because I know what I'm in for. It's really just kind of a perfect song, isn't it?
26 0059B4B6 Next we've got Wouldn't It Be Nice... now isn't that a phrase we all say in our heads about a dozen times a day?
27 0059C7E5 Break out your surfboards because here come the Beach Boys with "Wouldn't It Be Nice".
28 RadioG_BenSelvin_HappyDaysAreHereAgain 0059B464 That was "Happy Days Are Here Again", which... well, hey. You're alive, ain'tcha? Pretty decent reason to be happy.
29 0059B4A6 Here's one that might cheer you up on a rad-stormy day. Or serve as an excellent background for watching someone fall down repeatedly.
30 0059c7f4} In my humble opinion, if you're in the right frame of mind then they're all happy days.
31 RadioG_BillieHoliday_CrazyHeCallsMe 0059B45A Oh, now this next song is one of my favorites. Just a sweet reminder that there are things out there that are worth livin' for.
32 0059B484 Doesn't Billie Holiday just have the most beautiful voice? Every time I've heard that song, since I was a little girl, just been carried away by it.
33 0059C7EE Coming up next is "Crazy He Calls Me". If you ask me, the only thing crazy about Billie Holiday is how amazing her voice is!
34 0059C7F3 Take a page from Billie Holiday, and believe you can do the impossible. It can make all the difference.
35 RadioG_BingCrosbyAndrewsSisters_DontFenceMeIn 0059B46C Well Mr. Bing Crosby, you would have loved Appalachia. More wide open land than you can shake a...mildly irradiated stick at.
36 0059B4B5 Well this one pretty much sums it up for me. Here's Bing Crosby backed up by the Andrews Sisters with "Don't Fence Me In".
37 0059C7E7 This next one goes out to all you Dwellers looking for the perfect, and I mean perfect, spot for your camp. It's Bing Crosby, singing "Don't Fence Me In".
38 RadioG_BingCrosbyAndrewsSisters_PistolPackinMama 0059B463 Remember, ladies: just 'cause Bing Crosby tells you to put down the gun, doesn't mean you have to!
39 0059B4A5 There's been a few times in my life I needed to pick up a gun, and every single one of 'em, this next song went through my head.
40 0059C7E9 The Andrews Sisters and Bing Crosby are back again! This time with "Pistol Packin' Mama".
41 0059C7F7 These days, you're likely to run across a Pistol, Combat Shotgun, Super Sledge, Gauss Rifle, Gatling Gun Packin' Mama. You can never be too prepared!
42 RadioG_BlindWillieJohnson_NobodysFaultButMine 0059B45E Mr. Johnson lays it out pretty clear doesn't he? Regardless of circumstances, the choices we make are what really matter.
43 0059B49A Here's the best lesson about personal responsibility set to slide guitar that you'll ever hear. "Nobody's Fault But Mine" by Blind Willie Johnson.
44 0059C7EC Next, Blind Willie Johnson struggles with accountability in "Nobody's Fault But Mine".
45 0059C7F5 I really like this song, but sometimes I'm reminded that this idea goes both ways. You can be presented with the worst of circumstances but still make the right choice. It's up to you!
46 RadioG_BobCrosby_DearHeartsAndGentlePeople 0059B457 Those "dear hearts" and "gentle people" are out there, everyone. And wherever they are, that's where home is. Don't forget that, okay?
47 0059B48B "Dear Hearts and Gentle People" is coming up next. This one always makes me smile. Thinking about the people in my life who fit that description.
48 0059C7ED Whether Appalachia has always been your home, or you're a more recent arrival, this next song is for you.
49 RadioG_BobWills_BubblesInMyBeer 0059B472 That, my friends, was Bob Wills. Don't be a Bob, and sit around feeling sorry. Get back out there. Do something! Build a camp! Start a trading business! You can do it! I believe in you!
50 0059B4BC Hey there! Would you like to weirdly feel happy AND sad at the same time? Well here's your chance - it's "Bubbles In My Beer".
51 0059B4BD Here's a nice happy sounding song, as long as you don't listen to the lyrics. It's Bob Wills singing "Bubbles In My Beer".
52 RadioG_BobWills_SteelGuitarRag 0059B468 ...I really wish I knew how to play steel guitar. I'm working on the tuba, but that's... well, let's just say it's coming along, but very slowly. And loudly.
53 0059B4AD I hope you weren't doing anything important because it's time to dance! Here's "Steel Guitar Rag" by Bob Wills.
54 0059C7E8 I hope that song is some good inspiration for any of you out there playing the steel guitar. It's got such a great sound.
55 0059C7F1 Here's "Steel Guitar Rag". Like Bob Wills says, "Kick it off, Leon!"
56 RadioG_CassDaley_AGoodManIsHardToFind 0059B460 Oh Cass, sweetie, raise your standards just a little bit! You're worth it! Well, it's a fun tune anyway.
57 0059B49F So... I can't say I totally agree with Cass Daley on this, but let's just say if you find good people out there in the world, do what you can to stick with them.
58 0059C7EA Is a good man hard to find? I haven't been looking. You know what IS hard to find? Ballistic fiber! Oh my gosh.
59 0059C7F8 Now we've got Cass Daley, with "A Good Man Is Hard to Find".
60 RadioG_ChickWebb_ICantDanceIGotAntsInMyPants 0059B46B I love that one because it sounds like a bunch of friends just hanging out and having a good time. Insect phobias aside, of course.
61 0059B4A3 Dad always used to ask if I had ants in my pants when I couldn't sit still. I guess maybe Chick Webb's dad did the same thing, since here he is singing about it.
62 0059C7F2 You know that song is from a long time ago, because these days you couldn't fit more than one ant in your pants. And you definitely wouldn't want the pants back afterwards.
63 0059C7F6 If you've been looking for a good groove so you can get up and move, here it is! It's "I Can't Dance, I Got Ants In My Pants" by Chick Webb.
64 RadioG_ChickWebb_MidniteInAMadhouse 0059B476 I have been some places that would probably quality as "madhouses" and they are nowhere near as entertaining as that song. Just saying.
65 0059B4B2 Here comes Chick Webb with a really fun instrumental called "Midnite in a Madhouse".
66 RadioG_ChickWebb_WhenIGetLowIGetHigh 0059B482 I bet we've all known at least a few friends who have lived life by the motto of "When I Get Low, I Get High", right?
67 0059B483 Given the state of things, this song can be a convenient excuse to, shall we say, over-indulge. Moderation, friends! It's all about moderation!
68 0059B4C2 I am in no way suggesting you take this song completely literally. But well, do what you got to do friends. Huh, here's "When I Get Low I Get High".
69 RadioG_Chordettes_MrSandman 0059B4C0 Bet you ten caps you can guess this next song within the first three seconds!
70 0059B4C1 Coming up next is "Mr. Sandman" by the Chordettes. I guess I'd wish for someone, too... if I didn't have to worry about radiation, disease, ticks the size of my head, Scorchbeasts... you get the idea. Anyway, fun song!
71 0059B4C3 Isn't that one a classic? I feel like everyone knows the first few lines then after that they're um and just mumbling along, not knowing the rest of the words. Huh, always fun to see.
72 RadioG_ColePorter_AnythingGoes 0059B469 You think Cole Porter would be surprised by where the world ended up since writing that song? Hmm, I figure he'd shrug his shoulders and say "Yeah, why not."
73 0059B493 I'm not saying you all owe me, but when I got here the equipment was days away from breaking down. You were all saved from hearing this song, and only this song, repeating endlessly forever.
74 RadioG_Commodores_Uranium 0059B488 Do you think at any point those guys said "hey, this is kind of a weird thing to write a song about", because I wonder about it all the time.
75 0059B4B1 Next up, looks like the Commodores with "Uranium." Bop along if you like.
76 RadioG_Copilot_CountryRoads 0059B491 Okay everyone. Here it comes! Grab your pals, maybe a banjo, and belt it out along with the radio. I know you've been waiting for this one.
77 0059B492 Terminals here in the station say this was the most popular song pre-war. I can't take a real survey, but I'm betting it's still true today. Here is "Country Roads".
78 0059B49C I still get goosebumps, every time I hear it. You do too, don't you? Aww, I know you do.
79 RadioG_Copilot_RingOfFire 0059B467 Stimpaks won't heal these burns. Here comes the "Ring of Fire".
80 0059B4AA Is there anybody out there who hasn't been burned by love? Maybe if you've been locked in a Vault by yourself... Gosh, now that I think about it, which is worse?
81 RadioG_CountBasie_JumpinAtTheWoodside 0059BF4D I feel like that could have gone on for another twenty minutes of solos, and it sure sounds like everyone playing would have loved doing it.
82 0059BF4F Get ready, because here comes Count Basie with "Jumpin' At the Woodside".
83 RadioG_DannyKayeAndrewsSisters_Civilization 0059B46E I just love that someone somewhere decided that the phrase "Bingo, Bango, Bongo" was worth using as a lyric. I hope it makes you smile too.
84 0059B481 This song used to crack me up as a kid. And it sure sounds like they had fun recording it. It's the Andrews Sisters with Danny Kaye singing "Civilization".
85 RadioG_EddyDuchin_OlManMose 0059B45F Just a friendly reminder to look after your neighbors, everyone. We're all in this together, after all.
86 0059B49B Haven't seen "Ol Man Mose" around lately? Welllll, here's why!
87 0059BF4E Wondering what's up with Ol' Man Mose? Here's Eddy Duchin to fill you in.
88 0059BF50 If no one ever told you, it's bad manners to stare in your neighbor's windows. Yes even if they're dead.
89 RadioG_ErnestTubb_WalkingTheFloorOverYou 0059B45D And now for something with just a little bit more 'twang', here's "Walking the Floor Over You" by Ernest Tubb.
90 0059B499 [sigh] Lost love. Is there a more significant source of inspiration for music? I think not my friends. Let's hope you all fare better than Mr. Tubb.
91 RadioG_FatsWaller_AintMisbehavin 0059B46A Hope that you all enjoyed that one, friends, and that you're all on your best behavior too.
92 0059B4A1 Oh, ok my brother Matty as a kid, oh boy, did he laugh at Fats Waller blurting out, "Believe me"! [laughs] Oh Matty, uh, wherever you are I hope you can hear this and I hope you're still laughing.
93 0059B4A2 Oh, do I relate to this one. Just me and the radio, here by myself, got nearly everything I love within arm's reach. Here's "Ain't Misbehavin".
94 RadioG_FiveStars_AtomBombBaby 0059B458 I-I mean I'm sure they meant it as a compliment, but I dunno, something about comparing your girl to an explosive device that can destroy the world...I-I [sighs] y-you see what I'm saying right?
95 0059B48E Here's the Five Stars with "Atom Bomb Baby", a song that suggests they may not have made the most responsible choices when it came to relationships...
96 RadioG_FreddieSlackAndHisOrchestra_MisterFiveByFive 0059B465 That was, if you hadn't picked up on it, "Mister Five By Five". I always feel just a little bad for the poor guy that song was about, but it sounds like he was a pretty good dancer, so good for him.
97 0059B4A7 Up next it's "Mister Five by Five". Did you know this song was written about a real person? I can't remember his name, but he sang for Count Basie. Hmm, not sure this is how I want to be remembered...
98 RadioG_FreddieSlackAndHisOrchestra_PigFootPete 0059B46F What would the modern equivalent of this be? "Deathclaw Steak Pete"? Doesn't quite have the same ring to it... "Mutt Chops Pete"? Nah, that just sounds like you're making fun of his face... I'll keep working on it, friends.
99 0059B4A8 I've heard some of you Dwellers tickling the ivories, but can you keep up with "Pig Foot Pete"? Here's Freddie Slack and Ella Mae Morse.
100 0059C974 If I'm gonna make up a nickname for someone I really like and/or admire, I'm probably not gonna go with "Pig Foot" or anything of the sort. [laughs] What do you think friends?
101 RadioG_FreddieSlackAndHisOrchestra_TwoLeftHands 0059B462 Okay, so am I an awful person? I was thinking about this next song, "Two Left Hands" and how it's just figurative, only... maybe now there are a few folks out there with two left hands. Like, literally. And then I laughed. A lot. And now, while the song plays, I will feel bad for laughing.
102 0059B494 I can't be the only one who wants to see a duet between Mr. Two Left Hands here and Pig Foot Pete, right? Who's with me?
103 0059C978 Coming up next, it's Freddie Slack and his orchestra with "Two Left Hands".
104 RadioG_GlennMiller_JukeBoxSaturdayNight 0059B461 Did you crack open a Nuka-Cola for that? I sure did. Also I am running super low on Nuka-Cola. Donations are appreciated.
105 0059B495 I don't know about you all, but being a kid, sipping a Nuka-Cola, and dancing around the camp listening to this song, there's no feeling like it. Makes me happy every time I hear it. Here's "Juke Box Saturday Night".
106 RadioG_HenryKingOrchestra_JustAFairWeatherFriend 0059B48D It's a tough world out there, and you can't always count on everyone. Here's Henry King and his orchestra with "Just a Fair Weather Friend".
107 0059B4AB I'll say this friends: it's true that there are people in the world who will let you down, but it should just make you appreciate the folks who are always there for you even more.
108 0059B4AC Not everyone is a fair weather friend. You find the people who are there for you no matter what, and you stick together!
109 RadioG_InkSpots_IDontWantToSetTheWorldOnFire 0059B470 It's a good message, friends. Keep things small, simple. Focus on the good things, the things that really matter. Oh goodness, I-I'm such a broken record.
110 0059B4B8 "I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire" is next, and don't worry Ink Spots. Someone already beat you to it!.. [laughs] Too much? Too soon? Sorry.
111 RadioG_InkSpots_ItsAllOverButTheCrying 0059B474 I know things might seem bad, but don't give up! Despite what the Ink Spots say, it's NOT all over but the crying. Heck, keep going and cry while you do it! Multitask!
112 0059B475 Hello, friends. I'm Julie, this is Appalachia Radio, and these are the Ink Spots, singing "It's All Over But the Crying".
113 0059B4BF Well, that one sure is a classic. Hope you enjoyed it!
114 RadioG_InkSpots_Maybe 0059B455 That song is just so timeless. Feels like it's been around forever, doesn't it?
115 0059B47B Next up it's the Ink Spots, singing "Maybe." I have known and loved this song my whole life! I hope you love it too.
116 0059C975 So it seems that sitting around, pining for your lost love, leaves you plenty of time to write songs about it! [laughs] Here are the Ink Spots with "Maybe".
117 RadioG_InkSpots_WeThree 0059B487 Remember friends: you're not alone out there. The world is filled with people, and you share the same goals with at least some of them. Take care of yourselves. And each other. Okay?
118 0059B4B0 Here's a song about the three people you can always rely on: Me, myself and I. [laughs] It's "We Three" by the Ink Spots.
119 0059C976 Dear Ink Spots: I admire your commitment, but I think at this point it's probably just better if you, you know, move on.
120 RadioG_IshamJones_DoinTheUptownLowdown 0059B473 Some of you Dwellers who are good with musical instruments, you should get together and learn that one. What a fun tune!
121 0059B4BE I don't claim to fully get what this song is about, but I do claim to have cleared some space in the studio here for dancing. I suggest you do the same! Here's "Doin' The Uptown Lowdown."
122 0059C97A Doesn't that song sort of describe Appalachia these days? Whole bunch of people, different folks getting together to party? Of course, huh, the definition of "party" varies like a lot. [laughs] Still though!
123 RadioG_JerryIrby_AnswerToDrivinNailsInMyCoffin 0059B47D Mister Jerry Irby would have just loved Nuka Shine. It's like ALL the nails, and the coffin, and everything, you included, shoved into a blender. [laughs] And that's IF you remember any of it.
124 0059B47E If drinking to excess is your biggest vice these days, you're still better off than a whole lot of people. No judgments here, friends!
125 0059B4BA Let's call this one a cautionary tale about self-destructive behavior. I'm not telling you how to live your lives, just trying to help you live your best ones. Here's Jerry Irby.
126 0059B4BB And now, in the "Unwieldy Song Title" department, here's "Answer to Drivin' Nails in My Coffin" by Jerry Irby.
127 RadioG_JohnnyBond_HeadinDownTheWrongHighway 0059B48A Here comes "Headin' Down the Wrong Highway" by Johnny Bond. And Johnny, as long as that highway isn't overrun with Super Mutants or Feral Ghouls, it could be worse, buddy.
128 0059B49D What do we think, friends? Is Johnny here being too hard on himself? Sounds about average for the folks I know!
129 0059B49E No matter where you are, friends, you can always change course. It's never too late!
130 RadioG_JohnnyLong_InAShantyInOldShantyTown 0059B47F I know it's not the same for everyone, but for me, there are moments where I miss where I came from, and the family and friends no longer with us. Be grateful for what you have, friends, but don't forget where you've been.
131 0059B480 In case you were wondering, Haile Selassie was actually a ruler in Ethiopia way back when. Huh, don't let anyone tell you listening to the radio is a waste of time - it's educational!
132 0059B48C Here's a song near and dear to my heart, reminding us that we carry with us the places and people from our past. It's "In a Shanty in Old Shanty Town".
133 RadioG_KayKyserOrchestra PraiseTheLordAndPassTheAmmunition 0059B456 That one goes out to anyone that may, now or in the near future, be fending off an angry Scorchbeast. Good luck!
134 0059B47C I wish I knew the story behind this next song because it was written so long ago, but it's so appropriate pretty much every day in Appalachia. Here is "Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition!"
135 RadioG_LouisJordan_SaltPorkWestVirginia 0059B45C Louis Jordan might not be so keen on visiting these days (at least not without a gas mask), but here he is with "Salt Pork, West Virginia".
136 0059B489 That one could do with a bit of updating, don't you think? Any of you Dwellers want to record "Ash Heap, West Virginia"? Probably not, huh.
137 RadioG_MiltonBrown_KeepKnockingButYouCantComeIn 0059B478 I like to imagine that one as the ultimate battle of wills: do you get tired of knocking before I can't take the sound of it anymore? Who will emerge victorious?
138 0059B498 It's a little passive-aggressive, but it seems to work for him. Here's Milton Brown with "Keep Knockin' But You Can't Come In".
139 0059C973 Next, for any of you who may have recently emerged from a Vault, tell me: is this what it was like that whole time in there? Just wondering.
140 RadioG_NatKingCole_OrangeColoredSky 0059B466 Coming up next is Nat King Cole with "Orange Colored Sky", a phenomenon which used to occur for only natural reasons...
141 0059B4A9 I hate to break it to you all, but if you see an orange colored sky, grab the Rad-X and lots of it because that ain't love out there!
142 RadioG_PatsyMontana_IDidntKnowTheGunWasLoaded 0059B477 Patsy Montana is up next, and I've just gotta ask: has this ever worked for any of you? Ever?! Here's "I Didn't Know The Gun Was Loaded".
143 0059B4B3 I think I can speak for most of us when I say: We've known a Miss Effie or two in our time. They never learn do they?
144 0059B4B4 The sound of that little gun going off makes me laugh every single time. Every time! Thank you, Ms. Montana.
145 0059C97B Here's Patsy Montana explaining how to get away with murder? [laughs] "I Didn't Know The Gun Was Loaded".
146 RadioG_RoyBrown_ButcherPetePart1 0059B471 I'm told there's a certain traveling merchant out there who really, really loves meat. He's asked for songs about it and this is about as close as I can get. Enjoy!
147 0059B4B9 "Butcher Pete": how much should we read into this song? You make the call!
148 0059C972 You know him, you love him: here's Roy Brown, with "Butcher Pete".
149 0059C979 I'm sorry, what's that? It's a metaphor? Ohh, you don't say!
150 RadioG_SonsOfThePioneers_RidersInTheSky 0059B496 Do you all think the cowboy in question did actually change his ways? Well, good lesson in there for all of us. Yippie-yi-yo, friends.
151 0059B497 I sometimes wonder what kind of stuff you'd have to get up to in life that it takes a sign like this to change your ways. Never seen ghost cows here, never plan to.
152 0059B4A4 Next we've got some high drama on the open plains. Here is "Ghost Riders in the Sky" by Sons of the Pioneers.
153 0059C977 Next up is a song that... well, it's not really the most subtle of hints, is it? Here's "Ghost Riders In the Sky" by Sons of the Pioneers.
154 RadioG_TenneseeErnieFord_DarkAsADungeon 0059B47A Coming up next is "Dark as a Dungeon" by Tennessee Ernie Ford. If any of you out there were thinking about taking up coal mining, listen well!
155 0059B4B7 Not exactly one to lift your spirits, is it? Bet the old Garrahan and Hornwright companies weren't super happy with this being played on the radio...
156 0059C7EB This next one goes out to the fella in a blue 76 jumpsuit who was recently seen headed into Gauley Mine. Hope you're able to hear it!
157 0059C7F0 Not only does this work as a sort of caution about what you're willing to risk to make a buck, but it can be taken very, very literally. Be careful out there!
158 RadioG_TenneseeErnieFord_Shenandoah 0059B4A0 Okay, do you ever sing along with that, but try and get your voice as low as his? No? Just me? Ehh, I can live with that.
159 0059B4AE This next one is just a beautiful song, but always leaves me a little sad... But that's okay, right? Part of being alive, and I sure am grateful to be alive. Here's "Shenandoah" by Tennessee Ernie Ford.
160 0059B4AF Next up is "Shenandoah" by Tennessee Ernie Ford. A programming note: this station does not condone interacting with rivers in any significant way, unless you have whole lotta of RadAway lying around.
161 RadioG_TenneseeErnieFord_SixteenTons 0059B459 Quick! How many bottle caps do you think it would take to equal sixteen tons? Hehe, I bet one of you smarty-pants dwellers can do the math on that.
162 0059B48F And now, in "making the best of a bad situation" territory, here's "Sixteen Tons" by Tennessee Ernie Ford.
163 0059B490 Company stores may not exist any more, but this is one I think most of us can relate to. Life isn't easy, friends - enjoy what you can.
164 RadioG_TommyDorsey_OpusNo1 0059B45B Oh my goodness, does that one swing! Am I allowed to say that every part of that song is my favorite part? It's too hard to decide otherwise.
165 0059B485 This next song was one of my mom's favorites. She'd get so excited every time it came on the radio, without fail. Here's "Opus Number One" by Tommy Dorsey.
166 0059B486 I know I say "it's time to dance!" for so many of these songs, but this time I really mean it. Unless you are literally fighting for your life (which I realize may be the case for some of you) you'd better stop what you're doing and dance.