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Held together by duct tape, willpower, and a near-crippling fear of silence, this is Appalachia Radio.

Julie is the unseen DJ of Appalachia Radio.


Julie mentions being 23 years old and growing up in the wasteland with her parents and her brother Matty.[1][2] When she was a kid, she used to listen to Appalachia Radio[1] alone or with her parents,[3][4] enjoying musicians like Billie Holiday and songs like Crazy He Calls Me.[5] The music from the radio helped her during the difficult years ahead, in which she lost friends and family. It kept her going on, and reminded her of the good times.[1]

When Julie heard about people returning to Appalachia, she decided to join them in order to find Appalachia Radio to make sure it would still run for years to come. Leaving her family behind, she arrived at West Virginia, and not long after she managed to find the radio station. Seeing the state in which the devices were - which were about to break down and play Anything Goes in a loop - Julie made use of the tools she had and repaired them.[6] Afterwards, she decided to become the radio's new DJ, not because the station was now in her possession, but because she hoped the people hearing its music, and she taking care of radio would be enough to give people hope, to make them smile, and to make them think about the ones they care.[7]

In between the songs, Julie speaks about her own life and family, and plays music that reminds her of her parents, mentioning them beforehand. She also says during the introduction to Mr. Sandman that she would pursue a romantic interest, were it not for the radiation and wildlife that are constantly creating issues in the wasteland.

Julie is also in ownership of a Scavenger Collectron, although she considers it to not have respect for personal boundaries.[8] Despite its difficulties, she is learning to play the tuba. Julie also wishes she knew how to play a steel guitar.[9]

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  • Julie cannot be found anywhere in-game, and can only be heard on Appalachia Radio.
  • Julie is 23 and because she was introduced in Wastelanders, her year of birth is likely 2080. However, because the timeline moved to 2104 and 2105 with updates, and she still mentions she is the same age, it could also be interpreted as 2081 or 2082. Wren is also similar.


Julie appears in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update.


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