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Julie is the unseen DJ of Appalachia Radio.


Born in 2079 or 2080,[1] Julie grew up after the Great War, listening to musicians like Billie Holiday and songs like Crazy He Calls Me.[2] By 2103, Julie is 23 years old, originally arriving from the east with Paige and the other settlers. She found the radio, repaired the devices and became the new DJ.

She speaks about her own life and family between songs, such as her brother Matty,[3] and plays songs that remind her of her parents, mentioning them beforehand.[4][5] She says during the introduction to Mr. Sandman that she would pursue a romantic interest, were it not for the radiation and wildlife that are constantly creating issues in the wasteland.

Julie is also in ownership of a Scavenger Collectron, although she considers it to not have respect for personal boundaries.[6] Although she doesn't know how to play a steel guitar, she is learning to play the tuba.[7]

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Julie cannot be found anywhere in-game. She can only be heard on Appalachia Radio. Additionally, her NPC listing does not have any recorded physical traits, making her appearance currently unknown.


Julie appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update.


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