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You were right. Leo sent me a message last night. I've made the call to the board. I think with the number we are looking at pocketing from the RobCo deal we will have no trouble getting the board to vote no confidence on him.— REPCONN headquarters terminal entries; Inter-office Correspondence #3262719

Julia Masters was the chief financial officer of REPCONN Aerospace before the Great War.


Before the Great War, she attended a meeting at a Vault-Tec building in Los Angeles with corporate executives Barb Howard, Frederick Sinclair, Bud Askins, Leon Von Felden and Robert House. She learned about the secretive Vault experiments; she mentioned REPCONN had been developing an intelligent robot that "brings milk to the front door," and that she would like to see a Vault governed by it.[1]

When Poseidon Energy sought to buy out REPCONN, she and Vice President Leonard Steeple worked together to keep REPCONN independent, successfully stopping the Poseidon deal from occurring. However, when RobCo Industries later made an offer to buy the company, Julia instead worked with General Manager Piers Isley to push the deal through to completion while Steeple was out of commission because of an illness.[2] On Leonard's return, he heard about the deal and predictably tried to stop the buyout, hoping to enlist Julia's support. Julia pretended to agree. In reality, she used Leonard's message to confirm his standing before convincing the REPCONN board to hold a vote of no confidence against Leonard, removing him from his position and removing all obstacles to the RobCo deal.[3][4] Julia then took over Leonard's duties interim until the RobCo merger took place and Carl Rook became REPCONN's vice president.[5]

Julia proved to be no more loyal to RobCo than to REPCONN itself. She began stealing trade secrets from REPCONN for an unknown outside party. She stole trade information related to the Quantum Plasma Modulation Matter Injection Rifle project, as well as the password to Piers Isley's computer, and conspired to have her contacts steal the project's Q-35 model prototype while it was in transit to the Department of Defense.[6] However, the Great War meant that the scheduled transport never occurred.

Sara Wang, an IT specialist for REPCONN, had detected the encrypted messages sent by Julia, but did not know she was the one sending them. Sara believed that Julia's recipient was Poseidon Energy, but she did not have enough evidence to back her claim.[7]


Julia Masters is mentioned in Fallout: New Vegas and appears in the Fallout TV series episode "The Beginning."


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