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Slaver, if you ain't talked to Jules, you don't know HALF of what New Reno gots to offer.— Jules speaking to the Chosen One with the slaver reputation.

Jules is a denizen of New Reno and its self-proclaimed greeter in 2241.


At first glance a black man in a worn suit, Jules welcomes people to the big city with his silver tongue and gold plated teeth.[1] He operates near its entrance and will offer to tell any newcomers all about the city, including arranging a discount for those shopping at New Reno Arms.[2] Jules will rent his tongue for pretty much anyone, as long as he's paid to advertise for them.[3] He also sells drugs.[4]

His flashy style and silver tongue are a cover for his darker side, as he will do anything to keep himself afloat, including tipping off T-Ray's crew about the Highwayman parked downtown and even murdering a child, when he rats him out.[5][6]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is involved in quests.


Shop inventory

Jules sells the following items and restocks every 12-24 hours.[7]

Drugs Meds

Other interactions

Jules will tell the Chosen One freely about the city, but asking about the families costs the Chosen One. Once paid, this opens up several conversation options that provide hints to many quests in the city.


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Red outfit Switchblade $51
Stimpak x2
Jet x3
Gold tooth


Jules appears only in Fallout 2.


  1. Jules' character description: "You see a black man in a worn suit. When he catches your eye, he smiles, his gold tooth glittering in the light of the lamps."
    (Jules' dialogue)
  2. The Chosen One: "I'm looking to buy some heavy firepower."
    Jules: "You want weapons, you go see my man Eldridge on the West End. He got shit that'll kill people you ain't even MET yet. Tell him I sent you."
    (Jules' dialogue)
  3. The Chosen One: "So, I'm curious…what do YOU get out of playing tour guide, Jules?"
    Jules: "(Jules' smile dies.) I'm lookin' for people like you comin' into Reno. This is the prime spot to deal. Plus, certain establishments pay me to point newcomers their way. THAT a good enough answer for you?"
    (Jules' dialogue)
  4. The Chosen One: "Where can I get some drugs?"
    Jules: "Brother/Sister, you need look no farther than humble Jules himself."
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  5. The Chosen One: "Jules, I have this crazy HUNCH you know where my car went. If you don't tell me where it is, I'll use you for target practice. Now talk."
    Jules: "Brother/Sister, I don't know NOTHING about your car. I AIN'T seen what happened to it, and I DON'T know where it is. (He throws a hateful glance at Cody across the street.)"
    The Chosen One: "That so? I KNOW you did something with it, so you better tell me where it is before I do something to YOU."
    Jules: "All right, brother/sister, all right! …I seen some guys take the car not long ago. But there were too many of them for me to stop, y'know, and --"
    The Chosen One: "Shut up and take me where they went. Now."
    Jules: "Okay, okay…"
    The Chosen One: "By the way'Jules? If you so much as GLANCE the wrong way at that kid across the street, I'll come back and kill you so many times you'll need multiple wills. Understand? Now lead on."
    (Jules' dialogue)
  6. Jules: "H…hey. Hey, welcome back! (Smiles uneasily. His cologne slams into you like a wave.) What you need from Jules, my friend, huh? A..anything?"
    The Chosen One: "Nice cologne, Jules. I smelled it all over Cody's body. You're dead."
    (Jules' dialogue)
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