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Judith "Judy" Blackwell was the daughter of the controversial former U.S. Senator Sam Blackwell in Appalachia.


Judith attended medical school at Vault-Tec University, but fled with her father to a hidden bunker after he became aware of the Enclave.[2] Not long after, the Great War erupted, forcing the two to stay in the bunker. When she wasn't glued to her radio, Judith began keeping a journal in her terminal, describing her first encounters with what would later become known as bloodbugs and scorchbeasts.[3]

Judith acted as a caregiver for her father, treating him with homemade Mentats as his memory began worsen.[4] However, during one of her foraging trips, she became infected with an unspecified disease which made her skin molt and she died on February 15, 2084.[1] Sam buried his daughter not too far from their bunker on the cliff right by the abandoned waste dump shortly after her death.


After the war, Judy created an unappetizing dish she called "Mushroom and Dandy Boy Apple casserole".[5]


Judith Blackwell is mentioned only in Fallout 76.

Behind the scenes

A voice type and NPC for Judy appear in the game's files, intended to be used for a voice holotape. However, no such holotape featuring Judy is in the game, and the content appears to be cut.