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Judith Blackwell was the daughter of former U.S. Senator Sam Blackwell.


Judith Blackwell was the daughter of the controversial Senator Sam Blackwell of West Virginia. She attended Vault-Tec University, but fled with her father to a hidden bunker after he became aware of the Enclave.[1] After reaching the bunker, the Great War erupted, forcing the group to stay in the bunker. During this time, Judith began taking down terminal entries, describing her first encounter with what would become known as scorchbeasts and bloodbugs.

A breakthrough was soon reached as she found out she could assist her father's growing dependency upon Mentats; however, she died from being infected with the Scorched Plague on February 15, 2084 during one of her trips to obtain the necessary ingredients for a meal.[2][3][4]

Sam would bury his daughter not too far from their bunker on the cliff right about the abandoned waste dump shortly after.


Judith Blackwell is only mentioned in Fallout 76.


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