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Swooping in on a vertibird, guns blazing? Haven't done that in years, but all right, I'm in.

Judah Kreger is a former Enclave captain living in Westside in 2281.[1]


An Enclave officer in command of a squad stationed at Navarro consisting of Cannibal Johnson, Orion Moreno, Daisy Whitman, Dr. Henry, and Arcade's father.[2] Cannibal Johnson mentioned that Kreger's leadership resulted in keeping him and Moreno from tearing each other apart while simultaneously serving as the bond that held everyone together over the years.[1][3]

Sometime after the destruction of the Enclave Oil Rig and the NCR's sacking of Navarro, Judah fled alongside other Enclave survivors to avoid violence at the hands of the NCR and Brotherhood of Steel.[4] At first, he found work as a trader but grew tired of the walking.[5] Afterward, he settled in the Mojave Wasteland's Westside community where he has lived for several years.[5] The Courier can inquire as to what roles each Remnant had during their service, to which Kreger will explain that he was the officer in charge, Johnson and Moreno handled weaponry, Henry maintained the tech, and Whitman served as their pilot.[2]

Kreger reminisces about a time where the Enclave gave him purpose.[6] He mentions that he is aware that the individuals in charge of the Enclave were ruthless, but the goals his group strived for were always focused on trying to civilize things.[6] When asked by the Courier if they have the ability to give orders to the other Remnants, Kreger remarks that at one time he had the responsibility of serving as commanding officer, but that time was long ago.[7] As no one is required to follow his commands any longer, if they do so, they do it out of respect.[7]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is involved in quests.


  • For Auld Lang Syne: Judah is one of the Enclave remnants that the player character has to track down.


* Battle of Hoover Dam only


  • Kreger's word for the Remnants bunker is "Navarro."
  • If chosen to side with the Legion, he may follow the player character into the dam itself and help them fight against Oliver's forces.
  • If using console commands to spawn Enclave characters, the Enclave will be friendly to him and he will turn hostile.
  • Kreger narrates the Remnants ending slides.

Notable quotes


Judah Kreger appears in Fallout: New Vegas.




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