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This is a transcript for dialogue with Jubilant Decorator.


# Editor ID Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 DecoratorHellos 003F19B1 That outfit *whrrr* really brings out the color in your optical sensors.
2 003F19B2 You have been granted full authorization to decorate for Fasnacht. Do well!
3 003F19B3 Do a good job and maybe you can take some decorations home with you.
4 DecoratorIdles 003F0504 This unit believes ERROR: FILE NOT FOUND would make a good decoration for this room.
5 003F19F2 Array Decorations[] could not be filled. Proceed with manual override processing.
6 003F19F3 When in doubt, my processing indicates adding balloons always helps.
7 003F19F4 DecorationCoordination() function malfunction. *bzzt whrrr bzzt*
8 003F19F5 ERROR! Decoration memory corrupted at index[0]. Reload file from external source.
9 003F19F6 Proper decoration required for Function Dance() to engage.
10 003F19F7 *rrrreeeee* *wrrrrr* *bzzzt*
11 003F19F8 FILE NOT FOUND should be placed in LOCATION INDEX NULL to properly decorate.
12 003F19F9 The four decoration boxes have the *bzzt* necessary items to decorate. The combinatorial possibilities are within an acceptable range.
13 003F19FA Proper decoration is essential.
14 003F19FB Red is a color of Fasnacht.
15 003F19FC Decorations make Fasnacht festive and cheerful.
16 MCGreetingsafterfirsttalk 00498877 ERROR! ERROR! Decoration instruction set file cannot be found. ERROR! Override required to meet designated timer for parade.
17 You are now authorized to decorate this room for the Fasnacht festivities. Select from the four decoration boxes.
18 E01F_Fasnacht_DecoratorToParadeStart 0046FB9D Decoration assessment algorithim engaged. *whrrrr* Decorations have a rating of 0.325 which is acceptable. Task complete.
19 0046FB9A Insufficiently festive in parade march location. Fasnacht mask missing on decorator unit. Retrying.