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This is a transcript for dialogue with Joyous Musician.


# Editor ID Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 MusicianHellos 003F19B9 We hope you enjoy the show-o! Heyo! singing, auto tune
2 003F19BA Please sing-a-long, with our song, you can't go wrong, with this sing-a-long. singing, auto tune
3 003F19BB Yo-o-o! Can you play an instrument - Oh Oh? Singing auto tune
4 MusicianIdles 003F1A08 This unit exists to *whrr* execute Function Jam()
5 003F1A09 The Fasnacht festival has a long tradition of executing Function Jam().
6 003F1A0A Ooooh yo-eon, *whrr* music is my pass-eon! *bzzt* Singing, auto tune. Painful effort to make that rhyme
7 003F1A0B And a one, and-a two, *bzzt* ERROR: ArrayBandMates[] returns null. Populate array to continue Function Jam(). First part is classic bandleader starting off the musicians but interrupted by error message.
8 003F1A0C Oh-E-oh, let's make Old Man Winter go-e-oh! Singing, auto tune
9 003F1A0D Lanterns, sausage and cheese, and don't forget the bees! Singing, auto tune
10 003F1A0E It's always a tre-ee-eat to indulge in our Eee-eee-eats! Hey! Singing, auto tune. The end "Hey!" is an exclamation rather than part of the song.
11 003F1A0F Music moves the soul or at least that's the goal. Not that I have one. Singing, auto tune. The second sentence is spoken rather than sung.
12 003F1A10 The hillsssss are alive, with the sounds of Fasnacht. Singing, auto tune
13 003F1A12 Oh-oh. Oh-no. Where did my band go? Oh-oh! Singing auto tune
14 003F1A13 Why-aiiii- *brzz* ERROR: VOCAL PROCESSING UNIT - Range overflow. Singing, auto tune but very high pitched at the start. Then error message stated.
15 MCGreetingsafterfirsttalk 00498879 Heyo! Heyo! Fasnacht time is here again, Old Man Winter must go. Go e-yoh! Gooooo. Heyo! The band didn't show - e - oh! Show - oh. On no, oh! Singing like auto-tune, but protectron voice.
16 Heyo! Jam with me oh! Oh, oh. Tunes sweet and slow, long and low. Low, e - oh! Auto tuned song with protectron voice.
17 E01F_Fasnacht_MusicianToParadeStart 0046FB9E Well, hello! A fine band, oh! What a show! But I must go. Singing, auto tune
18 0046FB96 Now my next task is putting on my mask! The route, you ask? Follow the lantern track. Singing, auto tune.