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I've been spending time reburying people in the graveyard next door. Someone - or something - keeps diggin' 'em up. Dunno why. I mean, it ain't like they have anything valuable on 'em.

Josh Laurence is an undertaker-come-bartender of the Last Gasp Saloon and Funeral Parlor in Redding in the year 2241.


A tall, thin man who cannot seem to rid his habit of measuring everyone up[1], Josh Laurence is the owner and bar tender of the Last Gasp Saloon, a combined funeral parlor and bar for the miners, converted when he failed meeting ends just by burying people. He is a rather odd person, with a tendency to make puns focused on his role as the town's undertaker.

His business got even worse when wanamingos started pushing up the graves and bringing the dead to the surface, forcing Laurence to re-bury them continuously. This was the primary factor that made Josh convert his establishment into a bar.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

Interactions overviewEdit

This character is a merchant. Sells: alcoholic beverages

Other interactionsEdit

Laurence offers beer at $5 per bottle or $10 for a round of companions, and gives some hints about wanamingo activities in Redding. He is also the source of many graveyard puns.



  • He, like many in New California, has an anti-tribal demeanor and this is shown if the Chosen One expresses Josh is creepy. He claims that people eat their dead, sharpen their teeth to points, etcetera.
    • The player character can respond that they only eat their dead to grok their essence.
  • An intelligent player character can, when discussing his business idea, claim that he is doing Lucretia Borgia proud. This is due to a rumor that Lucretia was in possession of a hollow ring that she used frequently to poison drinks.
  • If the Chosen One has K-9, Lenny or Marcus as a companion, Josh will refuse to talk, claiming that "we don't serve that kind here," "this ain't no damn freak-show" and request to "take your *friend* outside." Instructing these followers to wait outside enables the usual dialogue.


Josh Laurence appears only in Fallout 2.


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