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It's no picnic, I'll tell you that much. My troops are out here every day dying for the NCR, but they've left us out to dry.

Major Joseph Polatli is the commanding officer of Camp Forlorn Hope in 2281.[1]


Major Joseph Polatli was placed in command at Camp Forlorn Hope, the NCR's most forward base in its ongoing war with Caesar's Legion. Originally meant to be holding the line or even setting up a staging area for later offensives against the Legion, Forlorn Hope quickly found itself besieged as Caesar sent legionaries across the Colorado River, occupying the town of Nelson.[2]

Overworked and stressed to the limit, Polatli has a whole set of crises facing him on a daily basis in late 2281. Camp Forlorn Hope was undermanned, having neither the strength needed to effectively hold position nor the ability to launch any offensives. The base was also badly short of medical supplies, all manner of gear and equipment, food, water, and ammunition.[3] Casualties were constantly coming in, whether from patrols or supply runs that Polatli sent out, or from Legion raiding parties near Nelson.[4] In addition, ongoing issues with radio communications plagued his command, making it difficult for Polatli to effectively communicate with his superiors or request any kind of needed support.

Polatli mentions that while he is doing the best he can in a bad situation, morale at Camp Forlorn Hope is declining and his own is no exception. Merely holding the base perimeter is difficult, and Polatli feels he does not have the ability to risk even more lives by trying to hit back. If the Courier steps in on the side of the NCR, his tone changes as the issues around camp improve or are resolved. Polatli steadily becomes more confident and battle-ready, preparing his soldiers for an upcoming assault on Nelson. If finding success there, he is very grateful to the Courier for making victory possible, and remains disciplined and focused afterward.

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Apparel Weapon Other items On death
NCR trooper armor 9mm pistol Case, 9mm x9
Bottle cap x7
NCR dogtag


Major Joseph Polatli appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


  • Xbox 360Xbox 360 He may be stuck on the dialogue that he says when the player meets him for the first time. [verified]
  • PCPC On the Polish version of the game, No, Not Much cannot be completed because Major Polatli does not have a 4th dialogue option. [verified]


  1. Sniper nest location
  2. Courier: "What do you need help with?"
    Joseph Polatli: "I've got the Legion at Nelson breathing down my neck and not enough men or supplies to get this camp into fighting shape so we can strike back. I need someone to talk to a few of the officers and help them resolve some of the problems around here. If I can get this place in order, then I can focus our efforts on taking back Nelson from the Legion. And the more that gets done around here, the more resources I'll be able to put into assaulting Nelson."
    (Joseph Polatli's dialogue)
  3. Courier: "I could do that for you."
    Joseph Polatli: "Good, let's not waste time then. Our biggest problems right now are supplies and troops, and the Legion is draining us of both. Quartermaster Mayes has been complaining to me nonstop about the lack of supplies, but unfortunately we aren't getting a resupply any time soon. I want you speak with him and see if there's anything you can do for him."
    (Joseph Polatli's dialogue)
  4. The Courier: "I've helped Quartermaster Mayes get some supplies."
    Joseph Polatli: "I heard. The extra supplies will help for a short time, but that only solves one of our problems. With all the Legion raids lately, we're running low on troops that can still fight. Some are injured, but even more are dead. I want you to check in with Dr. Richards and see if he needs any help getting our troops back on the front line."
    (Joseph Polatli's dialogue)