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This is a transcript for dialogue with Joseph..


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Okay, there you go. The computer is on again. Dunno what good it'll do you. 1
GREETING Neutral 50 I'll get that computer turned on for you. 2
GREETING Happy 50 You're my hero, mister. I want to be just like you when I grow up. 3
GREETING Surprise 25 Well, here's something I don't see every day. A new face in Little Lamplight! 4
Happy 50 A bit big for one of our kids, but you seem all right. What's your story down here? 5
GREETING Surprise 15 Well, now here's something new. What's a grown-up like you doing in Little Lamplight? 6
Happy 25 Don't tell me MacCready's going soft on us! 7
GREETING Neutral 50 Is there something you'd like to learn? 8
GREETING Neutral 50 What's happening? 9
LLAboutLamplight What sort of education do the kids get in here? Neutral 50 Well, back at the start, all the children had were the notes from the grown-ups that hadn't left yet, and a few books on caves from the store. 10
Neutral 50 But after finding the vault, a few scavengers brought back holotapes for basic schooling. Reading, basic math, encyclopedias, that sort of thing. 11
Neutral 50 We don't get many books anymore from the scav team, but I make sure to keep my own notes on the computer for whoever takes over after I leave. 12
LLAboutLamplight2A What do you teach the kids? Happy 10 Mostly, whatever they want to learn. We don't have strict classes or anything down here. But it does mean they're interested in what I'm teaching. 13
Neutral 50 But everyone learns the basics of fighting and shooting and survival - we've all got obvious reasons to be interested in that. 14
LLAboutLamplight2B How thorough are your teaching materials? Neutral 50 We entered all of the books and holotapes into the computer, but frankly, there are a lot of important subjects the vault's materials didn't cover. 15
Happy 50 I could wish for more, but we're probably still the best school in the Wasteland. Maybe the only school in the Wasteland, really. 16
LLAboutLamplight2C That's all I need to know for now. Happy 25 Glad I could help. 17
LLClasses Could you tell me about this class? Neutral 50 I hold open classes every morning for anyone who's got an interest in learning about a subject. Obviously, voluntary attendance is usually low. 18
Happy 25 I wouldn't normally let someone like you sit in, but since you saved Penny's life, it's the least I can offer. 19
Happy 10 Would you like to hear our history? It's something of a favorite. 20
Could you tell me about this class? Neutral 50 I hold open classes every morning for anyone who's got an interest in learning about a subject. 21
Neutral 50 Obviously, voluntary attendance is usually low, so I keep myself busy here and there. 22
Happy 25 You're welcome to sit in, of course. Would you like to hear our history? It's something of a favorite with the students. 23
LLDirections Can you give me directions? Neutral 50 I should be able to do that. 24
Friendly First Response
Mayor MacCready let me in for rescuing those kids. Surprise 50 That was you? Well, my most sincere thanks, then. You brought my sister Penny back to me, and I couldn't ask more than that. {Very sincere} 25
Happy 75 I'm Joseph, and if there's ever anything I can do for you here, just name it! 26
Neutral 50 As the oldest kid in town, I spend most of my time teaching, but I do what I can to keep the kids clean and fresh-faced. 27
Happy 25 Say, if you're ever looking for a haircut, I'd be glad to offer my services. You only have to ask! 28
Mayor MacCready let me in. I don't want to cause any problems. Happy 75 I'm Joseph, and around here, I might as well be the old wise man. Try not to interrupt my classes, and I think we'll get along just fine. 29
Neutral 50 As the oldest kid in town, I spend most of my time teaching, but I do what I can to keep the kids clean and fresh-faced. 30
Happy 10 If you're looking for a haircut, feel free to ask. I'll do what I can. 31
Rude First Response
I'm the big hero who saved those kidnapped kids. Surprise 50 That was you? Well, you brought my sister Penny back, so sure, I'll call you a big hero. Thank you very much. {Very sincere} 32
Happy 25 I'm Joseph, and as the oldest kid in Lamplight, I'm pretty much a teacher by default. I also try to keep the kids clean and fresh-faced. 33
Happy 50 I'm not sure if there's anything I can teach you, but if you need a haircut or the like, just say the word. And thanks again. 34
I'm new. Get used to me. Neutral 50 Well, if MacCready let you in, I'm sure he's got his reasons. {A little skeptical.} 35
Happy 25 I'm Joseph, and as the oldest kid in Lamplight, I'm pretty much a teacher by default. 36
Happy 50 I'm not sure if there's anything I can teach you, but if you need a haircut or the like, just say the word. 37
LLJosephClasses2A Can I hear how Little Lamplight got started? Happy 10 Okay. Sit back, and I'll retell the history of our fine town to the entire class. 38
LLJosephClasses2B No, I don't need to hear anything right now. Anger 10 Then, if you'll excuse me, I should get back to the rest of class. 39
LLLMQ06ComputerNotWorking I hear there's a door that doesn't work. Neutral 50 Nuh-uh. Door works fine. Computer's broke. {indifferent} 40
Neutral 50 Well, maybe not broke, but it sure don't work right. I turned it off because it was just wasting power. {indifferent} 41
LLLMQ06JoeNevermind Never mind. Neutral 50 Okay. 42
LLLMQ06JoeNoPassword Don't you have the password? Neutral 50 Nope. Nobody ever wrote it down, and then one day somebody forgot. You know how it goes. {indifferent} 43
LLLMQ06JoeSmartOne And you're supposed to be the smart one? Anger 50 Hey, I am smart. Jerk. {annoyed} 44
LLLMQ06TurnComputerOn Can you turn the computer back on? Neutral 50 Sure, if you want. 45
Neutral 50 Come on. It's over here. 46
LLMungo Why do people call me mungo? What does that even mean? Surprise 10 I'm pretty sure it comes from "humongous." Because, to everyone here, you're pretty big, you know? 47
Neutral 50 Mungos been pretty bad to Lamplighters, for as long as our history goes back. They just don't trust anyone over sixteen. 48
Sad 25 Really, you're pretty lucky they let you in at all. I just hope I get to visit like you do after I get kicked out. 49
LLServices Can you give me a haircut? Happy 50 All right. Now, hold still. 50
Can you give me a haircut? Happy 50 Certainly. How would you like to look? 51


GOODBYE I'll stop interrupting your class, now. Happy 50 Come back anytime you'd like to sit in. 52
I have to go now. Happy 25 Stay sharp! 53
HELLO HELLO Anger 50 I know MacCready let you back in, but you stay out of my classroom, understand? 54
HELLO Surprise 10 Looks like something's on your mind, Lucy. 55
HELLO Fear 10 What's bothering you, Penny? 56
HELLO Happy 50 Care to talk? {Friendly and genial} 57
HELLO Neutral 50 What's your problem? 58
HELLO Neutral 50 You're funny looking. 59
LLClassConv2 LLClassConv2 Anger 10 Penny, please. Now, as I was saying. Outside of this cave, the world is a lot bigger and more dangerous than it is in here. {Trying to quiet someone who's interrupting at the start.} 60
LLClassConv2 Anger 10 Sure, Bumble. Outside of this cave, the world is a lot bigger and more dangerous than it is in here. It's also got people who would hurt or kill us. 61
LLClassConv2 Anger 10 Okay, Bumble, one more time. Outside of these caves, the world is hot, dry, and not very friendly. And there are monsters bigger than you or me. 62
LLClassConv2 Happy 20 Well, it's really not something to be afraid of, Penny, despite what some say. You do get bigger and stronger, but it doesn't really make you stupid. 63
LLClassConv2 Neutral 50 Well, Penny, despite the stories, it's not really something to be scared of. We all do it, assuming we don't get ourselves killed, first. 64
LLClassConv2 Happy 50 Honestly, Sammy, I think you know more than me at this point! I've heard some of the stories about you out on those scavenging trips, you know. 65
LLClassConv2 Happy 25 Well, I think at this point, you'd be better at teaching that than I would! Eclair says you're an even better sharpshooter than he was. 66
LLClassConv3 LLClassConv3 Anger 10 People don't have the same sort of safety and freedom to run around and play like you can here. They have to work hard for food and safety. 67
LLClassConv3 Neutral 50 Out there, grown ups - or "mungos" as we call them - do all sorts of terrible things to each other, like when they kidnapped Penny and Sammy. 68
LLClassConv3 Neutral 50 So I'll just hit the basics: treat every gun as if it's loaded, never point a gun at someone you don't plan on killing, and keep your ammo dry. 69
LLClassConv3 Neutral 50 So just remember the basics: guns aren't toys for playing with. Only use them to shoot people you want to kill. Anything else is a waste of ammo. 70
LLClassConv4 LLClassConv4 Sad 25 Well... Because having them stay means they start trying to make rules all the time, and no one's liked that. It's tradition. Understand, Penny? {Joseph has doubts about the system, but he knows he can't change it.} 71
LLClassConv4 Neutral 50 Well, when we grow up too big, we need to go outside, where there's more space. That's why we go to Big Town, where we meet again as grown-ups. {This is a little white lie to set Penny's mind at ease.} 72
LLClassConv4 Happy 50 Thank goodness we're safe in here. We've got food, water, and most importantly, we watch out for each other. Does that make sense, Bumble? 73
LLClassConv4 Anger 10 Things outside are very dangerous indeed, and that's why we fight so hard to keep our Little Lamplight caverns safe and free. Understand, Bumble? 74
LLFoodConv1 LLFoodConv1 Happy 25 Ill have your finest mycelium, cubed and served in a savory sauce, Eclair. 75
LLFoodConv1 Happy 25 A plate of your excellently prepared mycorrhizae, Eclair! 76
LLJosephHistory1 LLJosephHistoryExplanation1 Neutral 50 Long ago, children and grown-ups tried to live in peace. {As if reciting a litany or oral history} 77
LLJosephHistoryExplanation1 Sad 50 They protected us when we were young, and we helped them when they grew old, and the world was good. But it could never last. {As if reciting a litany or oral history} 78
LLJosephHistoryExplanation1 Neutral 50 Three classes of us were on a field trip to the Lamplight Caverns when they destroyed the world. And some of them were trapped here with us. {Increasingly venomous referrals to "them".} 79
LLJosephHistoryExplanation1 Sad 50 Some of the adults left for help. They never came back to us. {As if reciting a litany or oral history} 80
LLJosephHistoryExplanation1 Disgust 50 Some of the adults were too clumsy for the caverns. They became bones in the rocks. {As if reciting a litany or oral history} 81
LLJosephHistoryExplanation1 Anger 50 Some of the adults stayed with us. They did terrible things. {As if reciting a litany or oral history} 82
LLJosephHistoryExplanation1 Neutral 50 But we learned how to help ourselves, how to survive in the caves, and how to kill monsters. And then there were no adults left. {As if reciting a litany or oral history} 83
LLJosephHistoryExplanation1 Neutral 50 Now, we're safe to play and enjoy the caverns, away from the world the mungos destroyed. {As if reciting a litany or oral history} 84
LLJosephHistoryExplanation1 Neutral 50 And there's only one rule we have to follow: we have to leave before we become grown-ups. That way, we don't risk destroying our world like they did. {As if reciting a litany or oral history} 85
LLJosephHistoryExplanation1 Neutral 50 It means we leave our friends behind, but we can meet again in the outside. And it means our home and friends stay safe in Little Lamplight. 86
LLJosephHistoryExplanation1 Neutral 50 This is how Little Lamplight has survived since the war, and how we will survive until the world is rebuilt. {Wrapping up a long speech} 87
LLLucyMedical2 LLLucyMedical2 Happy 10 Sure thing, Lucy. What do you need? 88
LLLucyMedical2 Happy 10 Absolutely. What's the question? 89
LLLucyMedical4 LLLucyMedical4 Neutral 50 There's an old vault record that sounds similar. Apparently, if you don't eat enough, you get weakened by things called "rickets." 90
LLLucyMedical4 Neutral 50 Sounds like they aren't eating enough, but I can't really be sure. Most of the vault health books only care about "proper hygiene." 91
LLLucyMedical6 LLLucyMedical6 Sad 25 We'll think of something. We always have. And they probably won't even realize how bad things were getting. 92
LLLucyMedical6 Sad 10 It'll work out all right. We'll get the scav teams to bring back more food, soon. 93
LLLunchConv2 LLLunchConv2 Happy 25 Any time, dear. What's wrong? 94
LLLunchConv2 Happy 25 Certainly! What's on your mind? 95
LLLunchConv4 LLLunchConv4 Happy 50 I remember asking Flash the same thing when I was your age. He said he was going to Big Town, and I'd see him again when I grew up and left, myself. 96
LLLunchConv4 Happy 50 Well, when Lamplighters get older, we move out to Big Town. It's a happy place, where we aren't making the mistakes other grown ups have made. 97
LLLunchConv5 LLLunchConv5 Happy 25 And when the time comes, you'll grow up and leave Lamplight and meet me in Big Town, too. It won't be that long, I promise. 98
LLLunchConv7 LLLunchConv7 Happy 50 Absolutely, little sister. 99
LLLunchConv7 Happy 50 Sure thing, Penny. 100
LLMayorDailyCheck1 LLMayorDailyCheck1 Happy 50 Going well, when there's anyone attending them. Basic survival and shooting lessons are good as always. Haven't lost any of them yet! 101
LLRandomConv1 LLConversation1 Happy 50 Hello, there. Are you okay? {Friendly and genial} 102
LLRandomConv2 LLConversation2 Happy 50 I'm fine. It's another fine day, underground. {Not ironic.} 103
LLRandomConvEnding LLRandomConvEnding Happy 50 I understand. Well, take care. {Not ironic.} 104
LLTeachingTalk LLTeachingTalk Neutral 50 A is for Ammo, B is for Blade, and C is for Cauterize... 105
LLTeachingTalk Neutral 50 Clean water is rare, and most water carries germs and radiation. As a result, it's usually healthier to stay dirty. 106
LLTeachingTalk Neutral 50 Remember, never trust anybody over the age of 16. 107
LLTeachingTalk Neutral 50 Little Lamplight only has one law: you have to leave when you grow up. No delays, no exceptions. 108
LLTeachingTalk Neutral 50 When scavenging in the wild, remember to trust no one and to keep your pistol handy! 109
LLTeachingTalk Neutral 50 Remember this simple rhyme: "When in danger or in doubt, shoot to kill and then run out." 110
LLWhatsUp1 LLWhatsUp1 Happy 50 Hello. What's happening today? {Friendly and genial} 111
LLWhatsUp2 LLWhatsUp2 Happy 50 Watching after the younger kids and seeing if they can't accidentally learn a thing or two. You know how it goes. 112